Digital Walker x Recession Coffee

One random Saturday, Inggo & I met with a friend for a food trip at Eastwood. After eating at 2 restaurants (Ramen Kuroda & Beef Barn), we wanted coffee. I suggested we try this place because of its unique selling point. This is Recession Coffee, which is located inside the Digital Walker store in Eastwood mall.

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VSCOcam goodness, lol.

The unique way of ordering. You pay what you want! I paid 150php for mine. Inggo paid 100php in coins.


It was okay. But it didn’t satisfy our caffeine cravings. So we went to another coffee shop after this HAHA.

Facebook page | Menu from Zomato

Restaurant Roundups

If I did a Cafe Crawls post last time, what would this be called? Restaurant roundups? Yeah, that would do HAHAHA.

I’m not sure if I already mentioned it on this blog, but I used to do a food blog with Inggo back then. I would take photos of the food & he would write the reviews. Sadly, we don’t do that anymore due to time constraint. But we still go out for food adventures every week. Asides from taking photos of the food, I also take photos of the interiors. So here’s a compilation of restaurant & cafe photos for the year 2016.

Caffe Dolce Buffet, Banawe street.

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Coco Ichibanya, Eastwood.

Happon, Maginhawa street.

Kitchen of Cakes & Coffee, SM North Sky Garden.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, Mother Ignacia street.

Not a restaurant or cafe. Just thought that it looked good after the Kitchen of Cakes & Coffee photo. Life After Breakfast‘s booth during Manila Fame.

Makansutra, SM Megamall.

Mongkok Bistro, NAIA 3 Terminal.

Starbucks, Eugenio Lopez street.

Same Starbucks branch during their Teavana drink promo.

St. Marc Cafe. Forgot which branch. Love the dramatic lighting.

Thaipan, Sct. Dr. Lazcano.

 Most of the photos are edited in VSCO, tweaked a bit & watermarked in Photoshop.

Serenitea with Hannah

Back then when I was still in college, I had a blockmate who had the same hobbies as me. We both love Japanese anime, music, drinks, and drawing. So we bonded over that. We were also sort of neighbors (within 20 mins of each other) so we had no problems meeting up even if its impromptu. 90% of the time, we meet at Serenitea Banawe:

2016 08 serenitea banawe wall outside

They didn’t have this last year!

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This Serenitea branch already had 3 renovations I think. We were already patrons of Serenitea wayyy back at their N. Roxas – Banawe branch! When you think of it, 7 years!? Emeged. We didn’t do plates or our thesis here as I recall. We did however, met here during our practicum meetings prior to our last college plate, our review sessions for the board exam after college, and during our every other month catch up as licensed interior designers or just our art tambays. What I would like to say is that – this branch holds a special place in my heart ♥. HAHA. REALLY!

Anyway, I met up with Hannah 2 weeks back for our drawing session. I brought out my Prang watercolor set and some Canson Montval sheets I got from my SG trip.

2016 08 serenitea suff artwork 1

2016 08 serenitea suff artwork 2

2016 08 serenitea escoda brush defect

This is my Escoda Reserva brush. I’m not sure if its supposed to look like that but I don’t like it. Will try to get it replaced ASAP. This is expensive!

I wish for more days like this.

Cafe Crawls

I am a coffee person. Some of my favorite activities revolve around coffee: discovering new cafes, hanging out at coffee shops with Inggo after dinner, or doing a drawing session with my friends in a coffee shop. I’ve been thinking of a witty way to call this activity, but all I got is Cafe Crawls. So here are some photos from cafes that didn’t have enough photos to make a separate post.

2016 07 costa coffee

Cafe Mocha at Costa Coffee

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2016 07 costa eastwood

Costa Coffee Eastwood branch. London style.

2016 07 cafe mithi

Alab (Chocolate batirol with sili) from Cafe Mithi , Maginhawa Street.

2016 07 ucc kori kohi

Kori Kohi at UCC Clockwork, Estancia Mall

2016 07 theo's

The second floor of Theo’s Baked + Brewed, Maginhawa Street.

2016 07 equatorial coffee

Cortado at Equatorial Coffee, Katipunan.

2016 07 serenitea wall decor

Wall decor at Serenitea, Tomas Morato.

2016 07 fancy crepes

Shabby Chic vibe at Fancy Crepes, Matalino Street. (I did a review of this place 4 years ago!)

2016 07 fancy crepes bike

Pretty bike ♥.

2016 07 caffe dolce

Caffe Dolce, Banawe.

2016 07 cafe mary grace

I love the hydrangea inspired shell centerpiece at Cafe Mary Grace. ♥ Cutest thing everrrr!

2016 07 cafe bene

Cafe Bene, Eastwood.

Whew! That’s all for now. Most of my posts recently are interiors, but I’m still painting every other day. Just need to compile them all again. Any coffee shops that you’d recommend ?


Papa Diddi’s

Around summer of 2015, we discovered a new dessert place at Maginhawa Street during our usual walks. We thought 3 scoops of unique flavored ice cream for  99php is steal, so we tried it out. And that’s how we became semi-regulars to this place ♥.

2016 07 papa diddis display

Cute display.

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2016 07 papa diddis display 2

Law books turned into lighting fixtures.

Papa Diddi’s is a tribute to the owner’s father. He was a lawyer, hence the law books turned into lighting fixtures. He also loved making ice cream for his family in the province back then. Sigh. I really, really love their story. You should read it when you’re there since I feel I can’t do justice to their story.

2016 07 papa diddis icecream 1

You can either choose the ceramic cup…

2016 07 papa diddis icecream 2

…or choose this Bird’s Nest for your base! This is Inggo’s.

As of July 2016, we could proudly say that we’ve already tried all of their flavors HAHA. My favorites would be: Davao meets Bicol (Chocolate with a spicy kick), Tres Leches (so creamy!), and Roasted Forbidden Rice. You can have a free taste of every available ice cream for the day if you can’t decide.

Recently, they’ve expanded with another Maginhawa branch called Papa Diddi’s et al. This place now has cafe food and a bigger seating capacity.

2016 07 papa diddis et al

2016 07 placemat doodle

Place mat art.

 Papa Diddi’s Facebook page.

Coffee Project

The coffee shop that I always pass by to and from work has finally opened – and its the prettiest coffee shop I’ve even been to! This is the Coffee Project at Vista place (also known as Wil tower):

2016 06 coffee project ceiling

Flower chandeliers ♥.

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2016 06 coffee project 2

2016 06 coffee project 1

2016 06 coffee project 3

2016 06 coffee project 4

Definitely me. HAHA.

2016 06 coffee project food

Long black. Vietnamese coffee. Salted caramel cheesecake. Croissant.

The visual merchandising here is on point. They have so many floral displays! These will be useful if I’ll ever get to do another art tambay with my friends. Coffee is good. The salted caramel is creamy and yummy ♥. I’ll try their other drinks soon!

Coffee Project on Facebook.