Tuesdays made better

Sydney and I went to the newly opened CBTL branch at Banawe last week. I was supposed to blog about this on Monday to mimic the current hashtag of CBTL Philippines. But we went there last Tuesday so might as well make a parody of it lol. I love the place! It gave ample sunlight that brightened the interior, which in turn made our watercolor session easy.

My Hydrangea postcard that I gave to the baristas. ♥

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I painted sunflowers that day. ♥

Sunflower cone & sunflower stems. ♥

I’ve been thinking of organizing an Art Tambay session for the North peeps. Any suggestions on coffee shops / cafes? 🙂

ID | Resources

Here is a compilation of websites that I usually go to for my interior design work. I’ll probably put a quick link somewhere in my blog for this post. Will continue adding stuff to it in the future!

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  • Pinterest . My favorite site. It has everything that interests me: interior design, art, watercolors, photographs.
  • Houzz. This is another useful site for inspiration. This one caters to architects & interior designers.
  • Office Snapshots. Compilation of office interiors around the world.

For SketchUp:

For V-ray:


Re-learning SketchUp & V-ray

In interior design, there are numerous ways to present your design to the client. It can either be free hand, 3D renders, or a combination of both. That would require knowledge in numerous programs not taught in college. (I’m not sure if its taught now, but back then we didn’t have this). One of the programs is SketchUp. It is a 3D modeling computer program that is useful for interior design. It has a free version called – SketchUp MAKE, and a paid version called – SketchUp Pro.

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SketchUp is my favorite program in 3D modelling. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It’s free to use. For beginners, the SketchUp MAKE will suffice. The 3D Warehouse 3d models are also free.
  2. I could import my plans from Autocad (in .dwg file) to SketchUp, scale it, and then build up the walls from there. (This is for Pro version)
  3. Getting models is easy. It has its own 3D Warehouse accessible from the program itself. There are also numerous websites that provides free/paid models in .3ds & .skp files.
  4. Customizable. I could use any photo I want and use it as a material in SketchUp. For example, if I don’t want to use the default wood textures in SketchUp, I could import a wood texture that I got online and use that.

With SketchUp, I feel like I’m just playing a game of Sims on my laptop. Here is a sample 3D model that I did:

To make it look realistic with all the lights, shadows, etc. You need to use a Rendering plug-in for that. I use V-ray for SketchUp for this. This is not free, but there’s a trial version so you could try it out & decide if this works for you. There are other rendering plug-ins for SketchUp, but I’m used to V-ray. Here is the sample 3D render in V-ray:

Post-processing in Photoshop.

It’s been a while since I’ve last used SketchUp. The time where I used it extensively was way back in 2012, I started relearning again last December 2016. Added that I’ve bought a new laptop the same time, I finally got the chance to render in V-ray since my laptop can finally render quickly. Back then, a simple render would take 8 hours, now it would take around 1-2 hours.

To learn more about SketchUp, here are some useful links:

To learn more about V-ray for SketchUp, here are some useful links:

I hope I’d improve my SketchUp & Vray skills this year! So I could make tutorials and teach others as well. ♥

IKEA Kitchen planner

Currently busy working on a freelance project. I’m doing the kitchen right now. (This post is already delayed by 2 months that I’ve already done this part of the house lol.)The client wanted it all to be IKEA. It’s a good thing that I checked their website for more info. They have an app for planning & 3d modeling with their products!

IKEA kitchen planner.

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The IKEA kitchen planner is a nifty tool that helps you plan & visualize your kitchen. You can input the exact measurements of your kitchen & just select the items that you want to put in the plan. It’s user friendly! Here is a sample plan that I did:

Sample plan.

The middle part is open because I can’t find a counter in their selection. They have their own standard size for the cabinets, but everything else is customizable. From the handles, cabinet door color & style, to the accessories. Here are the 2 different views in 3D:

3D view. Reminds me of sketchup.

3D view #2 with the finishes.

It’s not perfect, but it will suffice. It gave me enough info on the measurements of their cabinets for planning. Another cool thing about this is that you could see the total cost & list of products you chose. You could register to save your work, and then log-in at their physical store so that their Kitchen Specialists can help you plan & design before buying.

That last sentence made me a bit sad though. We don’t have it here in the Philippines. This project is located in Singapore. Anyway, I can’t wait for IKEA to open in the Philippines. I wonder when will that be though.

I hope this app is useful for you! Cheers. ♥

Digital Walker x Recession Coffee

One random Saturday, Inggo & I met with a friend for a food trip at Eastwood. After eating at 2 restaurants (Ramen Kuroda & Beef Barn), we wanted coffee. I suggested we try this place because of its unique selling point. This is Recession Coffee, which is located inside the Digital Walker store in Eastwood mall.

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VSCOcam goodness, lol.

The unique way of ordering. You pay what you want! I paid 150php for mine. Inggo paid 100php in coins.


It was okay. But it didn’t satisfy our caffeine cravings. So we went to another coffee shop after this HAHA.

Facebook page | Menu from Zomato

Restaurant Roundups

If I did a Cafe Crawls post last time, what would this be called? Restaurant roundups? Yeah, that would do HAHAHA.

I’m not sure if I already mentioned it on this blog, but I used to do a food blog with Inggo back then. I would take photos of the food & he would write the reviews. Sadly, we don’t do that anymore due to time constraint. But we still go out for food adventures every week. Asides from taking photos of the food, I also take photos of the interiors. So here’s a compilation of restaurant & cafe photos for the year 2016.

Caffe Dolce Buffet, Banawe street.

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Coco Ichibanya, Eastwood.

Happon, Maginhawa street.

Kitchen of Cakes & Coffee, SM North Sky Garden.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, Mother Ignacia street.

Not a restaurant or cafe. Just thought that it looked good after the Kitchen of Cakes & Coffee photo. Life After Breakfast‘s booth during Manila Fame.

Makansutra, SM Megamall.

Mongkok Bistro, NAIA 3 Terminal.

Starbucks, Eugenio Lopez street.

Same Starbucks branch during their Teavana drink promo.

St. Marc Cafe. Forgot which branch. Love the dramatic lighting.

Thaipan, Sct. Dr. Lazcano.

 Most of the photos are edited in VSCO, tweaked a bit & watermarked in Photoshop.

Conrad Hotel

One of the things we did during the long weekend (Oct 29-Nov1) was celebrate my cousin’s birthday at the Conrad Hotel. It’s located behind the SMX Convention center. Well, we entered the hotel through a secret door from S Maison mall and ended up below:


Ground floor Main Lobby

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This wasn’t the main lobby where you check-in. This is the receiving lobby I think. The main lobby is on the 3rd floor. But first lets admire the pretty sculptural focal point:



Ballroom / Function room area. Pretty carpet!


That ceiling design.


Master bedroom T&B.


Cove light details.

One detail that I liked about this hotel is the curves of the interiors. The cove ceilings, walls, furniture all have curved edges which is rarely seen in interiors here in the Philippines. It’s also amazing to finally see the motorized curtain track in action. HAHA. This hotel has a good view of the sea. Perfect on weekends due to the fireworks display at MOA.


Edit May 2017: Menu drastically changed. No more sushiritto & other offerings shown in zomato. I don’t know if its still worth it.

A lot of restaurants have been popping up at Maginhawa recently. We were shocked to see that there are a lot of buildings now that seemed to have sprouted like mushrooms. We tried out Westwood, at the building in front of Friuli & Crazy Katsu.

2016 09 westwood interior

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We decided to eat here due to these reasons : curiosity, interior, and the food photos from their outside menu board.

2016 09 westwood sign

Hungry for adventure

2016 09 westwood iced tea

Iced tea which comes with our order of the whole sushiritto.

2016 09 westwood sushiritto

This is the sushiritto. Obviously a sushi as big as a buritto. lol

2016 09 westwood icecream

Icecream with Rice crispies cone.

2016 09 westwood icecream 2

Ombre icecream.

What about the taste? I liked their sushiritto together with the wasabi or sesame mayo. Inggo likes their icecream. We’ll come back to try their other offerings.

Happy Birthday!

2 days ago was my Inggo’s birthday. We celebrated it by taking advantage of a certain buffet’s birthday promo. The birthday celebrant can eat for free as long as they’re accompanied with one paying adult.

2016 08 niu vikings

Niu by Vikings at SM Aura.

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2016 08 niu beef medallion

Special order of Beef Medallion with wine cubes.

2016 08 niu dessert

Their dessert station has macarons!

2016 08 niu birthday cake

This was supposed to be the end of this entry. But for his birthday dinner, he convinced me to eat at Four Seasons Buffet at Araneta center instead of a restaurant since it will be cheaper due to the birthday promo. He also said that we could eat at Burger King instead if there are no tables left at said buffet, but they had one last table left for two. So by fate, we ate at another buffet that day.  Please don’t ask anymore about the aftermath.

2016 08 four seasons buffet

Four Seasons Buffet with its Shabby Chic interiors.

2016 08 four seasons buffet wall

Pretty details.

Belated Happy birthday to my Overwatch partner, restaurant & cafe date, travel buddy, best friend, and the love of my life! I love you soooo much! ♥

Cafe Crawls

I am a coffee person. Some of my favorite activities revolve around coffee: discovering new cafes, hanging out at coffee shops with Inggo after dinner, or doing a drawing session with my friends in a coffee shop. I’ve been thinking of a witty way to call this activity, but all I got is Cafe Crawls. So here are some photos from cafes that didn’t have enough photos to make a separate post.

2016 07 costa coffee

Cafe Mocha at Costa Coffee

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2016 07 costa eastwood

Costa Coffee Eastwood branch. London style.

2016 07 cafe mithi

Alab (Chocolate batirol with sili) from Cafe Mithi , Maginhawa Street.

2016 07 ucc kori kohi

Kori Kohi at UCC Clockwork, Estancia Mall

2016 07 theo's

The second floor of Theo’s Baked + Brewed, Maginhawa Street.

2016 07 equatorial coffee

Cortado at Equatorial Coffee, Katipunan.

2016 07 serenitea wall decor

Wall decor at Serenitea, Tomas Morato.

2016 07 fancy crepes

Shabby Chic vibe at Fancy Crepes, Matalino Street. (I did a review of this place 4 years ago!)

2016 07 fancy crepes bike

Pretty bike ♥.

2016 07 caffe dolce

Caffe Dolce, Banawe.

2016 07 cafe mary grace

I love the hydrangea inspired shell centerpiece at Cafe Mary Grace. ♥ Cutest thing everrrr!

2016 07 cafe bene

Cafe Bene, Eastwood.

Whew! That’s all for now. Most of my posts recently are interiors, but I’m still painting every other day. Just need to compile them all again. Any coffee shops that you’d recommend ?