Small steps

When you thought January’s finally over with all the craziness of 2020, the Covid19 finally reached our country. There’s more personal posts recently here. Here’s my summary of January to Feb: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paulina Dennise (@suffnirain)

After all the craziness

After 2 months of preparation, our events in Komiket Megamall and StickerconMNL 2020 are done! Its finally time to rest, I hope? So sorry for not updating as often as I should. I can still see my pending blog post list on the first page. I will do them this March, hopefully! ♥

5 years old

I can’t believe that this blog is now 5 years old! ♥ Happy birthday! I’m currently updating old entries and moving my images to another hosting site since there’s a problem with Google Photos. Asides from that, I’m also busy with con preparations since I’m the group spokesperson for both events (Komiket and Stickercon). Its … Continue reading 5 years old