Van Gogh Sketchbook

For my birthday a few years ago, two friends both gifted me the huge Van Gogh notebook usually seen in bookstores. Both of them said that sunflowers reminded them of me. One is kept in my office pedestal, while Aira’s gift is here at home. During the early days of the pandemic, I tried out watercolors on one of them out of curiosity. I never know this could take watercolors!

The same Van Gogh sunflower painting! ♥

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Here are some of the post-processed artworks that I did! In real life though, the paper is wrinkled because of too much water. Its a good thing that I invested in a new scanner so I could scan and clean my works. It was a nice change of pace of just painting, without any pressure of making good art.

Van Gogh inspired sunflower | Delphinium

Sakura, I think? | Peonies in a vase

Sunflower bouquet | Snapdragon. Not sure if obvious but I remembered feeling sad and angry when I was painting this.

More watercolor practices! Look at those wrinkles lol

I also treated this sketchbook for its true purpose. Which is sketching! Most artists get pressured into creating that perfect, complete, and professional sketchbook. Not mine though! I also spilled coffee on the side and most pages are stained hahaha.

Theo and Philo , a local chocolate brand, also held a wrapper design contest that year. The winner will get chocolate! I love their unique chocolate flavors so of course I joined. It was my first time combining traditional elements with digital items. I didn’t win though! But I got to experience something new, and helped me with my photoshop skills.

Concept 1: I think this was supposed to be banana leaves and ube color? | Concept 2: Sunflowers, gold, maroon color for UP

Concept 3: White orchids on yellowish background | Concept 4: Underwater themed

My contest submissions ♥

Some of my artworks are uploaded in Society 6, Red Bubble, and Inprnt

The long weekend – report

My long weekend report is a week late. Sorry! I’ve been busy with work and other things. Anyway, I’ve started my ABC Daily Journal! Although I don’t intend to use mine daily, I’ll attempt to do it weekly. So, to make a report (for me) – I think my long weekend was a productive one! Let my photos show you:


The ABCs of Journaling & Daily Journal that I bought online through her shop. One of the Daily Journals is my birthday gift to my cousin.

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Oct 31: Art Tambay day with Sydney. Washi tapes, pens, watercolor artworks. ♥


This is the long weekend journal entry. (Left: Hotel postcard, old mermaid sticker, Costa coffee brochure / Right: Manila Fame goodies, CBTL cup sleeve, mini me artwork by me).


Left: Washi tapes, artwork by me on Khadi paper, notecards from Sydney. / Right: Stickerssss!


My Feb 2016 Singapore spread. ♥ I collected a lot of brochures and maps during this trip. Worth it!

Anddd that’s it! Hopefully I’ll get to blog more this November. I’ll post about Sydney’s birthday, recent interior compilation photos again, Inktober entries, and our upcoming adventure. ♥