Last year, adult coloring books became popular in Manila. Being the kuripot/hipster person that I am – I bought a plain notebook so I could make my own coloring book HAHAHA. I also did the Inktober Challenge that time. So, anyway!

2016 06 lineart 1

Feeling a bit guilty for not painting – I brought my plain notebook and markers to work. This used to be my main medium but it got too expensive for me so I switched. And the fact that I feel limited to the colors. Right now, I’m in the mood for inking linearts again. So here are some artworks that I did this week.

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2016 06 lineart 2

2016 06 lineart wanderer

Ragnarok Online wanderer. I plan on coloring the left side with color pencils.

I also did a fanart of my Arch Bishop in the same notebook months ago:

2016 06 lineart gypsy

This is the reason why I can’t use my markers on the left side.

2016 06 lineart 3

Sola ♥.

2016 06 lineart 4

The left eye is wrong :c

2016 06 lineart 5

2016 06 lineart 6

2016 06 lineart 7

2016 06 lineart 8

2016 06 lineart 10

I did this today. Obviously I only brought my flesh tone markers HAHA.

2016 06 lineart 9

I did the hair using a cheap ballpen.

Ahhh. Satisfied ♥. Time to do more artworks later!

Time & Instagram

Have you read this quote from other bloggers before? “I’m sorry I’m too busy to blog, but please follow me on my instagram, I update more often there!“. As for me, I can’t even give that as a reason HAHAHA. I feel guilty for not posting as much as I want to here. But no, I’m still not giving up! I just need time to draw. Life is too busy due to overtime at work almost everyday, sigh. But that is not a reason to stop and try to do a little art everyday, no?

Back in the early days of my IG account, I posted my lineart drawings. Mostly anime-ish, pencil / pen line art and sometimes rendered with markers. You know, quick sketches that you could do easily every night. I read somewhere it’s better to keep continuously making art so you won’t lose your momentum.  I should do that again sometime. As for now… let me reminisce.

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Late night doodle 🙂

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Discovered the wonders of apps and filters #nightlydoodle #cameron #markers #suffnirain 💛

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Last night's doodle #latenightdoodle #suffnirain #sketch #hatsunemiku

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I missed drawing 💛 #latenightdoodle #linecamera #sketch #traditionalart #anime #colorpen #suffnirain

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Simplicity x stars #latenightdoodle #unipin #markers #traditionalart #suffnirain #linecamera

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Back when I had the time to draw all day. 😆 #suffnirain #tbt #markers #traditionalart #animeguy 💕

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Ruined, haha. #suffnirain #latenightdoodle #markers #megurineluka #vocaloid #justbefriends

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Baumkuchen. #suffnirain #traditionalart #markers #letrasetpromarkers #megurineluka #vocaloid 💕

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Well. I stopped because I noticed that I was drawing the same girl with bangs facing front, hahaha. But it’s better than nothing, no? Again. I promise that I’ll make more time for art. So I could post it online and document my progress.