Office events

I’m not sure why the I wrote this as one of my posts in my OneNote, but okay. Also not sure if I mentioned it here yet, but our office has an art club thing and I’m the head for that. We’re not that active, but we try our best! I even had our club logo printed on the excess spaces of my individual sticker sheets:

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Last October, HR asked us to make a lettering in our pantry blackboard for our office’s anniversary. I suck at lettering, but thankfully I had a lot of officemates who are talented! The above photo was done by Danica, with me as the assistant.

A few weeks after that, we had our Halloween event. HR tasked us again on decorating the pantry and reception area with the halloween theme – Coco. I had no idea why they picked this theme when its years old already, but anyway. We printed a bunch of coco-inspired graphics and taped them everywhere. The banderitas were hand cut by the art club members.

Grabbed the photos from our office’s Photography club. The photos looks so good!

I also did the welcome sign in our reception area. My metallic paints were finally used on something! HAHA. And that’s all of the photos! There also was a committee for our Office Christmas party and Design department party, thankfully we weren’t tasked for those!

And now its time to do all of my pending artwork trades with officemates.

Recent SW Art Tambays

Catching up on blog posts. In our office, we attempt to have weekly art tambays every Tuesday. Unfortunately, only two pushed through (and two where my team were the only attendees lol).

January art tambay participants: Louie, Anjo, Me, Me-al.

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I was in the middle of preparing for StickerCon during this time. The matcha parfait was the one I had in mind for watercolor practice. I did the large peony while waiting for the parfait to dry. It’s still not done, though.

February art tambay.

The second art tambay was in February. This time we invited more people and finally, somebody remembered to bring their own art materials HAHA.

Paint by Numbers by a lot of people, Bird artwork collaboration by 3 people, my sakura flower, Louie’s digital artwork, a girl painting by Von (Get well soon!)

We didn’t organize a March art tambay due to my stickercon preps. I hope we could organize an April one with more members!

SW Art Tambays

It’s a new year, but I still have a bunch of things I need to blog about. I think January for this blog is for backlogs from last year HAHA. One of the those events is an attempt to have more art tambays after office hours. 

I was supposed to do my artwork for the Cancervants event. Unfortunately, the papers that I brought that day did not pass the size requirements of the event. Oh well! There’s always a next time.

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Since I had extra paper, I gave some to my officemates. They finally tried watercolor! â™Ĩ They said it was a fun and hard medium since they’re used to CTRL+Z or Undo. But it was a nice experience.

I hope to do more art tambays this year! Let’s hope. â™Ĩ

Studio West Art Tambay

I think its safe to say now on my blog: I’m currently working for Studio West Philippines. It’s a design company that provides space planning and office furniture specification services for US-based clients. It’s a great company to work for and I’m glad that I passed the training period. Anyway! I got to know my office mates more and found out that some of them usually have art sessions after work. So I introduced them to art tambays lol.

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What’s unique about this art tambay is that I was the only one doing watercolor! Louie (@louwewdraws) was drawing using his iPAD+Procreate app, while Anjocel (@artjocel) was drawing with pens and markers.