Dive & Trek Batangas

Last month, me, Inggo & my cousin’s family went to Batangas for the Holy week weekend. We went to Dive & Trek resort at Bauan, Batangas. This is a good resort to learn the basics of diving and getting your certification. But none of us did that HAHAHA. My aunt selected this resort due to the house reef just in front of the resort. So our routine during this vacation was : Eat, Swim, Eat, Draw, Swim, Draw, Eat. ♥

2016 04 dive&trek dock2

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2016 04 dive&trek dock

2016 04 dive&trek 1

2016 04 dive&trek sunset

My cousin (left) drawing, my seat in the middle with my watercolor stuff, my Beloved (right) trying to connect to the wifi HAHA.

2016 04 dive&trek sunset 2

Sunsets are the best. ♥

2016 04 dive&trek 2

2016 04 dive&trek art tambay

A different kind of art tambay. ♥

I brought my Monologue notebook, Prang watercolor set, Mixing palette, and a water container with me. The day before the trip, I did a lot of lineart at the office :)) I managed to finish some of them during this trip. I love this kind of art tambay! Great view, conversations, and companions with an iced cold coffee. ♥ We only did this when it’s too sunny to swim or the waves are too strong.

I would definitely go back here! All the staff were accommodating, friendly, as well as environmentally conscious. We learned a lot about this resort and their love for nature from their stories. They take care of giant clams, you know! You could actually see them during low tide when you snorkel (we didn’t though! UGHH that’s one of the reasons why I want to go back) Oh and their house reef ♥ There were so many fish in different shapes and sizes. We swam until we got all wrinkly. Swam in deep waters without life vests (but accompanied with a floating donut thing for safety). They have unlimited coffee, tea, and milo all day! So imagine how many cups of coffee I had everyday HAHA. Food was delicious and overflowing ♥ Their rooms were simple: aircon, bed, hot&cold water, you know, the necessities. I heard that some were iffy with the rooms (how it’s not nice, etc). But uh, you came to a DIVE resort, to DIVE (or snorkel for us) all day. Meep.

I wish for more days like this.

Shangri-La Boracay 2015

In the conceptualization phase of my blog, the categories that I want to write about were: Adventure, Art, and Interior Design. I’ve already made posts for the first two, but none for the last one. Finally, after 4 months of “blogging”, I’ve compiled some photos related to ID!

2016 04 shangrila header

Shangri-La, Boracay.

I already went and blogged about Boracay at thychronicles – the inactive blog that I made with college friends. You can read more about that here, here & here. But on my second trip, I took more photos with my phone and edited it on VSCOcam. Honestly, I liked my phone shots better than the photos I took with a DSLR. It looked a lot more uniformed. So I thought I’d share it here.

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2016 04 shangrila reception

The reception area.

2016 04 shangrila reception balls

2016 04 shangrila hallway

Hallway / Waiting area for the van to D’Mall.

2016 04 shangrila beach

Beach 1

2016 04 shangrila beach 2

Beach 2 with a lot more activities.

2016 04 Vintana reception

Reception area at Vintana.

2016 04 Vintana at night

Vintana at night. It’s a buffet in the morning.

2016 04 Vintana at night 2

Decor. This is where they place their bread selections in their breakfast buffet.

2016 04 Vintana lighting

Beautiful pendant light.

I love the design of Shangri-La, Boracay. They used local materials (capiz shells, wood carvings), Philippine-inspired accessories and furniture for the interior and architecture of the place. I hope I get the chance to go back here again!

Note: Trip is sponsored by my aunt. I’m the fourth wheel to their family. Haha. Just want to give credit to that.

Twenty six.

I just turned another year older as of writing. ♥ And I won’t go to work later for the reason that I just want to be happy on my birthday. (Sigh!) Here’s an artwork that I did for a watercolor group. Quickly doodled on my Monologue soft sketch book. They’re a cheaper alternative to Moleskine, around 300-350php. (edit: I found out that they’re around 470php now! Grr!) A lot of PH artists recommend this notebook, so I bought one out of curiosity (and when I finally found a store that has stock). After using it for a couple of artworks, I love it! I want to hoard more. ♥

2016 04 about me