Art Tambay

I had an art tambay with Jean & Hasay at Greenbelt last week. We’ve been planning this for MONTHS!


At St. Marc Cafe

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I met Jean through instagram. We first met at a cafe in Maginhawa, and ever since then, we meet at watercolor events organized by the local watercolor group. She’s a very down to earth person, passionate with her craft, and always willing to share her art materials with me lol.


I just wanted to share how CUTE the petito is. It’s 99php per pack.

As for Hasay, we’ve been friends since 2002/2003! But this is the first time that we actually bonded. (At first I was saying that it was our first time to meet & talk, but I was wrong! We actually met before HUHUHU I’M SORRY.)


Edit May 2017: Menu drastically changed. No more sushiritto & other offerings shown in zomato. I don’t know if its still worth it.

A lot of restaurants have been popping up at Maginhawa recently. We were shocked to see that there are a lot of buildings now that seemed to have sprouted like mushrooms. We tried out Westwood, at the building in front of Friuli & Crazy Katsu.

2016 09 westwood interior

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We decided to eat here due to these reasons : curiosity, interior, and the food photos from their outside menu board.

2016 09 westwood sign

Hungry for adventure

2016 09 westwood iced tea

Iced tea which comes with our order of the whole sushiritto.

2016 09 westwood sushiritto

This is the sushiritto. Obviously a sushi as big as a buritto. lol

2016 09 westwood icecream

Icecream with Rice crispies cone.

2016 09 westwood icecream 2

Ombre icecream.

What about the taste? I liked their sushiritto together with the wasabi or sesame mayo. Inggo likes their icecream. We’ll come back to try their other offerings.