Life, lately.

I was supposed to blog today but I can’t transfer my phone photos to my laptop. Sigh. And it’s already past midnight so… I’ll try to fix it later after work, hopefully. Speaking of work, this was my desk last week:

I’ve been making efforts on drawing again. That’s a good thing, right? Keeping up the momentum for myself. Though it would be nice if I could spend a whole day painting..


Last year, adult coloring books became popular in Manila. Being the kuripot/hipster person that I am – I bought a plain notebook so I could make my own coloring book HAHAHA. I also did the Inktober Challenge that time. So, anyway!

2016 06 lineart 1

Feeling a bit guilty for not painting – I brought my plain notebook and markers to work. This used to be my main medium but it got too expensive for me so I switched. And the fact that I feel limited to the colors. Right now, I’m in the mood for inking linearts again. So here are some artworks that I did this week.

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2016 06 lineart 2

2016 06 lineart wanderer

Ragnarok Online wanderer. I plan on coloring the left side with color pencils.

I also did a fanart of my Arch Bishop in the same notebook months ago:

2016 06 lineart gypsy

This is the reason why I can’t use my markers on the left side.

2016 06 lineart 3

Sola ♥.

2016 06 lineart 4

The left eye is wrong :c

2016 06 lineart 5

2016 06 lineart 6

2016 06 lineart 7

2016 06 lineart 8

2016 06 lineart 10

I did this today. Obviously I only brought my flesh tone markers HAHA.

2016 06 lineart 9

I did the hair using a cheap ballpen.

Ahhh. Satisfied ♥. Time to do more artworks later!

Painting portraits

I’ve been painting every other day, everywhere, ever since I’ve acquired my Craftdoodle waterbrush. It really helped a lot in keeping up with the momentum. But I’ve stopped painting right now due to other matters – mainly Overwatch HAHAHA. Here are some portraits that I did of my officemates during the rare times when I was waiting for feedback on my projects:

2016 06 Portrait 1

Left: Farewell gift to Royd / Right: Graduation gift to Zarah

2016 06 Portrait 2

Left: Birthday gift to Karen / Right: I drew Sons out of boredom

Sad that I didn’t get to take a photo of the portrait that I did for the boss. Oh well. There’s a long list of requests that I’ll do sometime in the future. Hopefully I’ll start on it soon. I really want to improve more on drawing and painting portraits.

Coffee Project

The coffee shop that I always pass by to and from work has finally opened – and its the prettiest coffee shop I’ve even been to! This is the Coffee Project at Vista place (also known as Wil tower):

2016 06 coffee project ceiling

Flower chandeliers ♥.

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2016 06 coffee project 2

2016 06 coffee project 1

2016 06 coffee project 3

2016 06 coffee project 4

Definitely me. HAHA.

2016 06 coffee project food

Long black. Vietnamese coffee. Salted caramel cheesecake. Croissant.

The visual merchandising here is on point. They have so many floral displays! These will be useful if I’ll ever get to do another art tambay with my friends. Coffee is good. The salted caramel is creamy and yummy ♥. I’ll try their other drinks soon!

Coffee Project on Facebook.