2015 Watercolor Summary 2

Hello! I just got back from an out of town trip with my family and my Inggo. We went to Batangas again this year. Anyway… I’m really excited to show here the last part of my 2015 watercolor summary. All of them are bouquets / flower arrangements because I wanted to challenge myself. Happy to say that it paid off!

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2016 03 sunflower for a friend

This was gifted to my RO guildmate as a house warming present for his cafe. I heard he liked sunflowers.

2016 03 sunflower1

2016 03 bottle arrangement

I really love the way I did the white flower. This was challenging!

2016 03 sunflower2

I had a legit reason to use white poster paint here! I used it for the baby’s breath flowers hahaha.

2016 03 hydrangea3

Tried again to loosen my strokes. Happy with this. ♥

2016 03 floral arrangement

Also love this. ♥

2016 03 sunflower3

I did this when I was sad one day due to an event I cannot control. Painting sunflowers is therapeutic for me.

2016 03 sunflower4

I did this at a cafe! (a.k.a. the first time I brought my watercolor set outside)

2016 03 sunflower5

This was done at Mithi Maginhawa. I met Jean there.

And done! This compilation shows that a little bit of patience goes a long way in watercolor. I could really see the improvement on my artworks. And I hope that this will inspire you to keep on making art. 🙂

Now what to write about next? Cheers.

2015 Watercolor Summary 1

2015 was a good year to me as an artist. (I can’t believe I’m writing that hahaha.) I had the time to make a lot of art. I was very, very happy albeit costly. On this post, let me show you the first few months of my rediscovery of watercolor using flowers as my subjects. Most are referenced from Pinterest. I decided to cut the summary into two as it’s too image heavy for one post.

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2016 03 peony

My first attempt at watercolor again after college. This was done on my Moleskine watercolor notebook.

2016 03 hydrangea1

Second attempt on my Moleskine notebook. Since I was too impatient, I decided to finish it off with white speckles using poster paint.

2016 03 waterlily1

Since Moleskine was too small for me. I switched to the 180gsm Berkeley paper. Struggling with waterlily. Huhu.

2016 03 hydrangea2

This was made during one of the firsts watercolor tambay at my cousin’s place. I was the one who taught her the basics even though I’m not so sure myself HAHA.

2016 03 galaxy flower

One of the first artworks that I love. It shows how careless and free my strokes are. ♥ (Back in college, some block mates used to tease me about my careless/free/loose strokes. It doesn’t look good with interior renderings, they said. I got conscious a bit and tried to change that.) But right now, I love it ♥.

2016 03 peony2

Tried to use more water here.

2016 03 rose

The red rose is symbolic for me. It was the emblem used for our guild during my Ragnarok days. ♥ Fenrir server represent!

2016 03 first floral arrangement

This took too much time. Looking at it now, I want to redo it! But back then, I felt accomplished finishing this detailed piece.

2016 03 bouquet

Okay. Too much red everywhere HAHA. And that background color!

Okay, that was fun. Some things I noticed:

  • I didn’t have the patience yet.
  • I kept on using poster paint for white speckles.
  • Too much water on some parts.
  • Some color combinations didn’t go well HAHAHA.

This was just February to April. I’m happy to say that I’ve improved after that. Part 2 coming soon!



A few days after the previous post, I managed to squeeze some time after work to finish this watercolor piece:

Finally! ♥ I now need to buy a replacement charger for my digicam for clearer pics. I took that shot with my Zenfone 5. It looks a bit dull, no? When its actually bright and happy in real life. Hope that follows through with my design life now.


Time & Instagram

Have you read this quote from other bloggers before? “I’m sorry I’m too busy to blog, but please follow me on my instagram, I update more often there!“. As for me, I can’t even give that as a reason HAHAHA. I feel guilty for not posting as much as I want to here. But no, I’m still not giving up! I just need time to draw. Life is too busy due to overtime at work almost everyday, sigh. But that is not a reason to stop and try to do a little art everyday, no?

Back in the early days of my IG account, I posted my lineart drawings. Mostly anime-ish, pencil / pen line art and sometimes rendered with markers. You know, quick sketches that you could do easily every night. I read somewhere it’s better to keep continuously making art so you won’t lose your momentum.  I should do that again sometime. As for now… let me reminisce.

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Well. I stopped because I noticed that I was drawing the same girl with bangs facing front, hahaha. But it’s better than nothing, no? Again. I promise that I’ll make more time for art. So I could post it online and document my progress.