The long weekend

Hi. Sorry for not updating these past two weeks. I’ve been busy with life lately. HAHA. We went to Manila FAME last week, but unfortunately photos are not allowed inside so I don’t have anything to blog about there. But it is a must attend event if you are interested in Philippine designs of furniture, home decors, and fashion. Support local!

It’s going to be a long weekend now because of All Saints’ Day here in the Philippines. Hopefully I’ll get to edit photos for this blog. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll create some new art over the weekend. ♥ I also bought the The ABCs of Journaling & the Daily Journal from Abbey Sy. The small things that I’ve collected from way, waaaaaay back will now have a purpose. I’m excited to start my journal! (More content for this blog too!)

Speaking of which, the Instagram widget is finally fixed! Hooray!

Hopeful for a productive long weekend. Wish me luck! ♥

Just Add Water 2

(First of all, I’m sorry I’m not good at events blogging. HAHA.)

Last week was the Just Add Water 2 event organized by the members of WatercoloristsPH! It was held at The Podium mall Atrium. There were art stores, artists selling their wares, and art workshops. Last year’s Just Add Water event was so much fun that I wanted my artist friends to experience it too. So I invited Hannah and Hasay  to the event. Hasay invited her friend Yuki as well.♥


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We found out that our block mate from college is one of the food merchants . She owns Agueda, a dessert shop selling brigadeiros. For the event, she also sold sugar cookies which you can paint on and eat after.



Our cookies and plates.


The “paints” were food coloring I think?


Left: Hannah’s / Right: Mine.

This was a hit with the kids there. It was a fun experience! We’ll do better next time. After the sugar cookie painting session, we wanted to paint our Artist Trading Cards but there were no seats left. So we decided to do our Art Tambay / painting session at Craft. Thank you, Craft, for the delicious drinks.


Left: The new Prang / Right: My old dirty Prang HAHAHA.


My rushed ATCs.


The community art wall! Contribute a postcard, get another postcard. ♥


My postcard. ♥ For some reason Hannah took this one out of the others on the wall.


My ATC loot. ♥

Above (Top left + Clockwise ): Landscape ATC by Yuki , Comic by Hasay, Postcard & ATC (Girl with leaves/flowers on her head) by Joyce Luga (A coincidence that I also got the postcard!), Pink flower ATC by Frances, and ATC by Hasay again. ♥

I had a lot of fun. I got to do an Art Tambay at a coffee shop with new and old friends, painting and talking about our similar interests. Really grateful. I wish for more days like this. ♥ Hopefully somewhere up north next time?

August – September 2016 Portraits

I’ve been pretty silent last September. (Only 3 posts ehmeged I’M SORRY). I’m still doing art but I haven’t compiled them yet until now. A lot of people left our office recently, and a lot more to come I think. I made portraits for them as farewell gifts, good luck gifts for their board exams, and some birthday gifts as well. My art doesn’t exactly look like them but I hope they like it. ♥ Here’s the compilation from August to September:


The board exam group. GOOD LUCK GUYSSSS!

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Birthday celebrants.


For better work opportunities?

In other news – Instagram won’t work in my blog anymore HUHU. The hyperlink thing won’t work even with tech support. My Inggo is trying to fix it though! Hopefully it’ll work soon.

I have to do my artist trading cards for the weekend event. Argh! I don’t have the time yet due to work deadlines. Sigh. Good luck to me! ♥