The long weekend

Hi. Sorry for not updating these past two weeks. I’ve been busy with life lately. HAHA. We went to Manila FAME last week, but unfortunately photos are not allowed inside so I don’t have anything to blog about there. But it is a must attend event if you are interested in Philippine designs of furniture, home decors, and fashion. Support local!

It’s going to be a long weekend now because of All Saints’ Day here in the Philippines. Hopefully I’ll get to edit photos for this blog. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll create some new art over the weekend. ♥ I also bought the The ABCs of Journaling & the Daily Journal from Abbey Sy. The small things that I’ve collected from way, waaaaaay back will now have a purpose. I’m excited to start my journal! (More content for this blog too!)

Speaking of which, the Instagram widget is finally fixed! Hooray!

Hopeful for a productive long weekend. Wish me luck! ♥

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