SW Office Art Trade

Just a quick one! It was our annual office art trade and I finally did them this January lol. The cat paintings below are for Heddy – an officemate who resigned a few weeks later. It was a good thing that I still got to give this to her!

This one – in a cute chibi style is for Loreen! This was for summer 2022’s art trade lol. She requested her chibi character hugging her cat. I did her character as well last 2021!

And that’s it! Writing about this one reminded me that I should probably start on the art trades this 2023.

AtmosBee Exchange Gift

Last year, our office team held an art exchange gift for Christmas. We only managed to do the art trade early this year. The chibis are my core team – “Atmos”. The left most artwork is the original idea – Loreen (@tupakin_chronicles) wanted a korropukuru version of herself surrounded by succulents. I initially made this using markers, but wasn’t satisfied with it and recreated it with watercolor. When I asked Daniel (@daniel.pascual_dspl) what he wanted for the art trade, he said he wanted the same as Loreen. Feeling left out, I made my own chibi version as well. ♥

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The other half of our team – which I am not sure if I should mention here, is “-bee”. The marigold painting is for Abie (@hey.honeybie). It was the first time that I painted this flower! I especially loved how I painted the background here, with lots of negative space style of painting. ♥

Following the complicated marigold piece, our TL Riri (@ellemehnopi) requested for a calla lily. This one is simple enough but was much harder to paint than the marigold! And finally, Pamee (@pug_ong_art) requested jiangguo the cat to the team. This is also the first time I painted a cat HAHA. The fur was challenging but fun! Mixing the black was also a challenge since I just mixed indigo with other colors to achieve this instead of using pre-made black.

So what about for 2021? We organized an art trade in our office art club lol, hope everyone finishes their works!

Art Trade with Argie

Homhayghad. This blog’s been hibernating for a while. I had some personal issues that made me unmotivated from doing my usual routine. The issues are not yet addressed, but I’m fighting it! ♥

Anyway! During my hibernation, I still saved my photos into folders for future blog posts. One of those is an art trade with a friend of mine on Instagram: Argie_Mae! She was one of my first IG friends. I really love her ink drawings, one glance at her works and you know that it’s her style. When I asked for an art trade last 2018, I was so happy that she accepted! This one took a while since we were both busy with work, but we finally pushed through with sending each other our works this 2019. And it was worth the wait!

Her original art! I love these soooo much! ♥

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More original art, and stickers! ♥


I usually joke online that she’s my washi tape fairy god mother. And sineryoso na niya on this trade OMG. ♥

Bigla ako nahiya sa sinend ko: just my original watercolor painting and some stickers. I need to send my new stickers to her soon! This was the painting that I sent to her:

Just Add Water 2

(First of all, I’m sorry I’m not good at events blogging. HAHA.)

Last week was the Just Add Water 2 event organized by the members of WatercoloristsPH! It was held at The Podium mall Atrium. There were art stores, artists selling their wares, and art workshops. Last year’s Just Add Water event was so much fun that I wanted my artist friends to experience it too. So I invited Hannah and Hasay  to the event. Hasay invited her friend Yuki as well.♥


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We found out that our block mate from college is one of the food merchants . She owns Agueda, a dessert shop selling brigadeiros. For the event, she also sold sugar cookies which you can paint on and eat after.



Our cookies and plates.


The “paints” were food coloring I think?


Left: Hannah’s / Right: Mine.

This was a hit with the kids there. It was a fun experience! We’ll do better next time. After the sugar cookie painting session, we wanted to paint our Artist Trading Cards but there were no seats left. So we decided to do our Art Tambay / painting session at Craft. Thank you, Craft, for the delicious drinks.


Left: The new Prang / Right: My old dirty Prang HAHAHA.


My rushed ATCs.


The community art wall! Contribute a postcard, get another postcard. ♥


My postcard. ♥ For some reason Hannah took this one out of the others on the wall.


My ATC loot. ♥

Above (Top left + Clockwise ): Landscape ATC by Yuki , Comic by Hasay, Postcard & ATC (Girl with leaves/flowers on her head) by Joyce Luga (A coincidence that I also got the postcard!), Pink flower ATC by Frances, and ATC by Hasay again. ♥

I had a lot of fun. I got to do an Art Tambay at a coffee shop with new and old friends, painting and talking about our similar interests. Really grateful. I wish for more days like this. ♥ Hopefully somewhere up north next time?

A watercolor affair

After resigning from my job last January 2015, I promised myself that I would do more art and try out all of my art materials. And I did! At the same time, I also shared my works on Instagram and got to know a lot of local artists. A few months after that, I joined a local watercolor group hoping to meet new people (seriously). The admin organized a watercolor atc trade event a few weeks ago and I attended. So, what are ATCs? According to this link:

Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized “swap” events, either in person or online. The only official rule for ATCs is the size: 2.5″ x 3.5″

I attended the event with my IG friend Jean (@jeankelly11 & @watercolordive). We met up at Glorietta and got lost on the way to the venue. But it was a blessing in disguise because the next person to arrive at the event was one of our idols – Margaret Morales ! We were table mates and group mates for the trade. I was sooooooo happy! She was really nice and down to earth. 🙂

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When we finally had enough people, we went to our assigned groups and started trading! I was in Group 3. Two from my group didn’t get to attend, but they sent their cards to the admin to be traded.

012016 watercolorist meetup 1

On the left are Jen Mandia ‘s delicious looking ATCs, on the right are Dindin Lagdameo ‘s colorful ATCs.

012016 watercolorist meetup 2

Clockwise from upper left: Dianne Zaragoza ‘s , Mikai Tuazon ‘s kyooot large ATC , Monique‘s food ATC, Dindin’s, Jen Mandia’s, and Ardee‘s period fashion ATC.

012016 watercolorist meetup 3

Monique‘s food ATC, Margaret Morales‘ amazing ATCs, Aiza‘s crazy detailed ATCs (huhu my photo didn’t do justice to her art, go check her IG!), and finally my ATCs.

My ATCs captured by Maggie.

My ATCs captured by Maggie.

What I received after the trade.

What I received after the trade.

Everyone is so talented and inspiring! I had a great time chatting with people with the same interests as mine. If given the chance, I’m sure we can talk about art materials the whole day HAHA. We only met that day but it felt like we’ve been friends for a long time. ❤ We even took outfit photos together AHAHA (but I won’t upload that here).  Hay. So grateful 🙂 . Hopefully there will be a next time. I promise to attend more art related events this year!