A watercolor affair

After resigning from my job last January 2015, I promised myself that I would do more art and try out all of my art materials. And I did! At the same time, I also shared my works on Instagram and got to know a lot of local artists. A few months after that, I joined a local watercolor group hoping to meet new people (seriously). The admin organized a watercolor atc trade event a few weeks ago and I attended. So, what are ATCs? According to this link:

Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized “swap” events, either in person or online. The only official rule for ATCs is the size: 2.5″ x 3.5″

I attended the event with my IG friend Jean (@jeankelly11 & @watercolordive). We met up at Glorietta and got lost on the way to the venue. But it was a blessing in disguise because the next person to arrive at the event was one of our idols – Margaret Morales ! We were table mates and group mates for the trade. I was sooooooo happy! She was really nice and down to earth. 🙂

When we finally had enough people, we went to our assigned groups and started trading! I was in Group 3. Two from my group didn’t get to attend, but they sent their cards to the admin to be traded.

012016 watercolorist meetup 1

On the left are Jen Mandia ‘s delicious looking ATCs, on the right are Dindin Lagdameo ‘s colorful ATCs.

012016 watercolorist meetup 2

Clockwise from upper left: Dianne Zaragoza ‘s , Mikai Tuazon ‘s kyooot large ATC , Monique‘s food ATC, Dindin’s, Jen Mandia’s, and Ardee‘s period fashion ATC.

012016 watercolorist meetup 3

Monique‘s food ATC, Margaret Morales‘ amazing ATCs, Aiza‘s crazy detailed ATCs (huhu my photo didn’t do justice to her art, go check her IG!), and finally my ATCs.

My ATCs captured by Maggie.

My ATCs captured by Maggie.

What I received after the trade.

What I received after the trade.

Everyone is so talented and inspiring! I had a great time chatting with people with the same interests as mine. If given the chance, I’m sure we can talk about art materials the whole day HAHA. We only met that day but it felt like we’ve been friends for a long time. ❤ We even took outfit photos together AHAHA (but I won’t upload that here).  Hay. So grateful 🙂 . Hopefully there will be a next time. I promise to attend more art related events this year!

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