AtmosBee Exchange Gift

Last year, our office team held an art exchange gift for Christmas. We only managed to do the art trade early this year. The chibis are my core team – “Atmos”. The left most artwork is the original idea – Loreen (@tupakin_chronicles) wanted a korropukuru version of herself surrounded by succulents. I initially made this using markers, but wasn’t satisfied with it and recreated it with watercolor. When I asked Daniel (@daniel.pascual_dspl) what he wanted for the art trade, he said he wanted the same as Loreen. Feeling left out, I made my own chibi version as well. β™₯

The other half of our team – which I am not sure if I should mention here, is “-bee”. The marigold painting is for Abie (@hey.honeybie). It was the first time that I painted this flower! I especially loved how I painted the background here, with lots of negative space style of painting. β™₯

Following the complicated marigold piece, our TL Riri (@ellemehnopi) requested for a calla lily. This one is simple enough but was much harder to paint than the marigold! And finally, Pamee (@pug_ong_art) requested jiangguo the cat to the team. This is also the first time I painted a cat HAHA. The fur was challenging but fun! Mixing the black was also a challenge since I just mixed indigo with other colors to achieve this instead of using pre-made black.

So what about for 2021? We organized an art trade in our office art club lol, hope everyone finishes their works!

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