The last painting of 2020

We are now finally at the last post of 2020. I still have 3 weeks to go to write about 2021 events lol. Not that I don’t mind writing about them in 2022, although it would be nice to complete everything by the end of the year. I thought this artwork deserves a post of its own:

This watercolor painting was created during a Christmas party in Antipolo last 2019. I remember I was demonstrating watercolor to people to entice them to try the medium. It failed haha. I left it as is for months since I felt that it was too messy, loose, and incomplete, I didn’t liked it. But with 2020, I found old artworks that made me want to try a second chance with them. Not because of the cost of materials (regret or nanghihinayang), but because with these old works, I finally had the excuse of “let’s experiment, it doesn’t matter if its good or not“. So I completed the background with watercolor and added more blooms, used gold poster paint as a reminder of my obsession with gold this 2020, and used color pencils for some texture. Its not one of those works that are aesthetically pleasing to most, but personally, this is my favorite for 2020. Because it represented that I gave a second chance, experimented with my art materials, and the loose watercolor bloom effect will forever be my favorite.

Finally, I can write about 2021. I didn’t do a lot of paintings this year compared to 2020, but I still did continue pursuing this hobby.

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