Painting portraits

I’ve been painting every other day, everywhere, ever since I’ve acquired my Craftdoodle waterbrush. It really helped a lot in keeping up with the momentum. But I’ve stopped painting right now due to other matters – mainly Overwatch HAHAHA. Here are some portraits that I did of my officemates during the rare times when I was waiting for feedback on my projects:

2016 06 Portrait 1

Left: Farewell gift to Royd / Right: Graduation gift to Zarah

2016 06 Portrait 2

Left: Birthday gift to Karen / Right: I drew Sons out of boredom

Sad that I didn’t get to take a photo of the portrait that I did for the boss. Oh well. There’s a long list of requests that I’ll do sometime in the future. Hopefully I’ll start on it soon. I really want to improve more on drawing and painting portraits.

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