Roxas City – Plaza

The second post for my Roxas series is about the city itself. For the first post about Roxas City’s food, click here. Since our hotel was near the plaza, we just walked there instead of hailing a tricycle. We don’t mind walking since the river is clean, there’s no funky smell here compared to Metro Manila. There were even fishermen in the morning fishing in the river for tilapia. Some of the houses here are old, which I appreciated since this is also a rare sight.

Daily walk to the plaza. The bridge there is around a century old!

As I’m not an architect, I’m so sorry I can’t describe in detail the houses in these photos. But I appreciate their design still. You could do a mini city tour by yourself since these areas are just a few steps away from each other.

City Hall with classic architecture improved with modern twists.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Ang Panublion Museum. Entrance here is free – visit here to know more about Capiz & Roxas City.

Current exhibit featuring Jovita Fuentes.

We also attempted to visit President Manuel Roxas’ ancestral home. We thought it was closed so we texted the number at the door to see if we can visit the next day. Unfortunately, they replied too late. They were apparently open when we went – but we didn’t know because from the outside it looked like it was closed for the day. Maybe we should’ve shouted “Tao po?”.


And that’s it for the this entry. Next one would be the one & only tour that we got for this trip: The Palina River Tour!

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