Landscapes and seascapes, finally!

I’ve been planning on painting landscapes and seascapes for years now but never really pushed through. This time, I finally did! I painted all of these on my Hue&Ai No Paint No Gain watercolor pad. I love that its small and I can work on studies like landscapes and seascapes.

I also tried out using washi tape to make borders for my paintings. Its surprisingly effective!

The top and bottom landscape works were referenced from photos from the Free Photo Reference group in FB groups. I’m a bit jealous of other countries since they have Fall, and the color gradations on the trees are just so much fun to paint! Also, I tried out painting water as well. It looks okay for a beginner! β™₯

Can I also just say that I completed all of these while binge watching New Girl? Having a Netflix account is now a blessing and a curse lol. After painting landscapes, I went ahead and did seascapes. The blue green photos are mine, from our trip to Siargao a few years ago.

Except for the one above! This one is from Kayangan lake from Coron, Palawan. I experience swimming there without a life vest. It was hard! Since there wasn’t any waves, you would sink quickly. I had to float and swim myself to the docks. But the water was really clear. So beautiful! Nowadays, its now required to wear a life vest while swimming because of an incident.

The next photos are from the FB group I kept on mentioning. I loved painting clouds and waves, so I went ahead and painted a lot. The gradients were also challenging to paint, since I’m not used to doing it. The reflections on the water were also fun to do:

And that’s it for landscapes and seascapes! I filled up my watercolor pad with these. I hope to do more pieces soon. Hopefully in a bigger size? Let’s see!

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