November 2020 – December 2020 Artworks

The rest of 2020 were watercolor paintings using my new Mijello paints. There wasn’t any theme for this one, just painting whatever I want. ♥

The twin poppies were painted on Daler Rowney paper. I hated that paper! It doesn’t fit with the way I paint, since we’re both stubborn lmao. Paired with my new seamiart mop brush, it created a lot of watercolor blooms on the petals. Its now up to me whether to fix the blooms or keep them. Personally, I really like watercolor blooms. It shows the unpredictability and stubbornness of watercolor in general. And sometimes, you just have to let it go during painting.

Story time!! Last November 2020, a typhoon hit Metro Manila and a lot of people’s lives were affected. I offered 15 paintings to be sold by SW Reaps – our office charity group at @studiowestph where I gave 100% profit to the donation drive. I’m very happy to announce that my bbs sold out and some of them are now shipped to their new homes. This rose was the last one to be sold. ♥

The Katmon artwork is part of Philippine Botanical Art Society’s Punla Exhibit. 

This one was a request by an officemate, and the commission fee is also donated to our charity drive.

The hydrangea painting with gold accents is created as a pair to the pink hydrangea painting with gold foil. I considered both of them as rejects – which is not a bad thing! I got to experiment with them by adding other art materials like color pencil, gold paint, and gold foil. The hydrangea painting beside it is just a loose watercolor experiment with a mop brush and just letting the paint flow. ♥

The cattleya painting is also a remake of one of my paintings 3 years ago. (Also blogged about it here). I really love this one! When I posted it on social media, some of my tita officemates were commenting “mine” thinking that I will sell this one. I’m not ready to sell it yet! 

And wow, that’s all of my stories for 2020! I can finally start working on 2021 posts this December 2021. I hope I could continue this momentum!

Some of my artworks are uploaded in Society 6Red Bubble, and Inprnt

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