My next event after Art to Cart was PlannerCon. This was StickerCon’s first event for planner and journaling enthusiasts. I applied for a half table this time and this is my real solo stint event because assistants are not allowed for my type of table.

I was partnered with another artist for this type of table. She was really nice! I also have friends who also boothed in this event – Clair, the sisters Beatrice and Joyce / Ella and Marie, Louise, Alyanna, and many more. ♥ Inggo was also there for support – to switch with me whenever I need a break (or to shop lol). I really liked my table display that day! I added wire baskets on my mesh wires to display some of my other products – more washi tapes and my misprint postcards. The misprint postcards were just desaturated versions caused by my printer supplier’s error. Thankfully, they replaced it with the correct colors. I couldn’t sell it full price due to my pride so I did a discount basket. 

I also made giant versions of my tilapia stickers just to give away to my friends who will visit the event. One of my customers wanted to buy some of them but kept asking for a price, so I said its 100php each. She bought two! 

Huge appreciation to Inggo – whenever he wasn’t at my table, he was around the venue crocheting away, sometimes in the middle of the wide aisle lol. My friends from each aisle kept on commenting about it. He made around 4 mini clodsires that day! 

This was a pretty chill convention. I’m glad that I got to join another StickerCon event. ♥ I didn’t earn as much compared to the other conventions (but Art to Cart still was the lowest sales). But I really wanted to join another event like this that when they announced PlannerCon for 2024, I immediately joined. ♥