Portraits (Nov-Dec 2016)

First of all- Happy New Year ! May 2017 bring more positive vibes to all. ♥

At my last job, I was known as the person who makes watercolor portraits as a birthday gift/farewell gift/good luck-for-board exams gift for my office mates. And, well, for the last time, I did portraits for my closest friends and colleagues there as my farewell gift to them. I also did some portrait practice during a get together with friends. ♥

The last time that I posted about my artworks was way back in October during the Just Add Water 2 event. So finally, here is the compilation post for November & December.

Left: Birthday gift for Gerard / Right: Farewell gift from me to Stephen. #TeamQuiet

Left: “I’m sorry for leaving all ID projects to you” gift to Badet / Right: Advanced happy birthday gift & farewell gift to Ruden.

Portrait practices.

Here’s to more art next year! ♥

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