The very few watercolor paintings

After painting landscapes and seascapes, I had the confidence to practice white flowers. Since it was around Aug-September, I had time to prepare for inktober as well! So I bought some new materials from PennarrI got some baohong academy (student grade paper) to try, and some brush pens for inktober.

The beautiful gardenia above was painted on my sampler Canson Montval paper. I finally got used to the paper when I only had a few left haha. Super proud of this one, because it was sold before I even posted it on Instagram! This is now proudly displayed in my client’s home in Subic. The gardenia below is another practice piece, this time on my old Strathmore watercolor pad. I felt a little guilty that this expensive watercolor pad is not being used as often as I wanted. So I tried practicing on it without feeling guilty of making ugly art. It looks messy but I like it. The only problem I think is that its hard to scan on my scanner!

Two of my custom watercolor sets that I used for my paintings. The bigger one is my Mijello Pure Pigment set! I alternate my watercolor sets depending on my mood. If I want brighter colors, I use my Mijello set. If I want subtle desaturated colors and a mix of my usual, I use my custom palette. The blueish thing below is a Jade vine or “Strongylodon Macrobotrys”. It’s my part of the art collab with Rochelle. I think we did well! This was also done on my Strathmore pad.

Above: more practice white pieces! The left one is a practice piece of a Katmon painting. I asked @theateneowild for permission to use their katmon photo and thankfully they agreed! The white poppy in the middle was also bought by the same client. Really thankful that there are people out there who really love my work! The stargazer lily on the right was painted on Arches paper. ARCHES PAPER! This was the extra paper that I cut off from the big paper that I used for an open call painting. Painting on arches paper is a different experience. You could really tell the quality of this paper. It was a wonderful experience. β™₯

The last three paintings before Inktober (October). A random poppy painting, an anemone painting (on Baohong paper!) and the Katmon painting. I already blogged about the right most painting here. This is my entry for PhilBas exhibit last year!

9 paintings for 2 months. Its not a lot for my usual standards, but I think I did great! Next up would be my Inktober write up, and I’m already dreading the editing time. Wish me luck!

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