IKEA Kitchen planner

Currently busy working on a freelance project. I’m doing the kitchen right now. (This post is already delayed by 2 months that I’ve already done this part of the house lol.)The client wanted it all to be IKEA. It’s a good thing that I checked their website for more info. They have an app for planning & 3d modeling with their products!

IKEA kitchen planner.

The IKEA kitchen planner is a nifty tool that helps you plan & visualize your kitchen. You can input the exact measurements of your kitchen & just select the items that you want to put in the plan. It’s user friendly! Here is a sample plan that I did:

Sample plan.

The middle part is open because I can’t find a counter in their selection. They have their own standard size for the cabinets, but everything else is customizable. From the handles, cabinet door color & style, to the accessories. Here are the 2 different views in 3D:

3D view. Reminds me of sketchup.

3D view #2 with the finishes.

It’s not perfect, but it will suffice. It gave me enough info on the measurements of their cabinets for planning. Another cool thing about this is that you could see the total cost & list of products you chose. You could register to save your work, and then log-in at their physical store so that their Kitchen Specialists can help you plan & design before buying.

That last sentence made me a bit sad though. We don’t have it here in the Philippines. This project is located in Singapore. Anyway, I can’t wait for IKEA to open in the Philippines. I wonder when will that be though.

I hope this app is useful for you! Cheers. ♥

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