A few days late, but yes, its that time of the year again.

I wanted 2022 to be a year of learning. Because even though my main priority when creating art is for personal reasons, I think there is still a desire to improve and meet with other people. There was a resolve within me that “I’m gonna join all the events that I could possibly attend, even if I’m alone“. I was tired of the missed opportunities back then because I was waiting for other people. I should have gone alone. That type of regret. With the loss of my future mother-in-law last March, I felt like I shouldn’t have any regrets anymore and do everything that I can to have that kind of life.

I joined two open calls this year from PhilBas – one is the Flora of South East Asia Botanical Exhibit, and the second one to the National Musem of National History exhibit. Both of these needed a really long mental and physical preparation. I didn’t pass the Second Round of FSEA jury deliberation, but I’m proud that I applied in the first place. I did however, got in the NMNH Exhibit. I could say that this is one of my proudest moments this year.

I also finally applied for membership for the Philippine Guild of Watercolorists. I also renewed my membership for 2 years! They had a lot of events every other month that I feel that the membership fee is worth every peso. I also won around 4 raffles just by participating in their events lol. The raffles and discounts were the things that made me renew my membership. Hoping to participate again in the PGW Convention! The nude art tambay, convention opening, and on-the-spot painting competition were some event highlights of PGW for me.

Urban Sketching – while not really my thing, is still one of the interesting events this year. I joined events from both Manila and Quezon City chapters. I got to bond with friends and meet with new people. I hope to do more in the future, even if its not really my thing (yes I’ll repeat it every time until I’ll like it), I feel like I can learn something from pursuing it.

It was also my return to conventions- mainly StickerCon MNL 2022. The post is not yet up on this blog, and its going to be another long series of posts. I made new stickers and finally, washi tapes! I joined with my January Makers PH group once again. After the convention though, there is this feeling that its finally time to move on – either to go solo or to make another group. It feels… one-sided, I think. After StickerCon, I also had the opportunity to design some new products courtesy of a customer. More on that soon.

I didn’t create a lot of artworks this year, less than 60 based on the files in my folders. But it feels like it still had the same impact as the other years.

Our office created an art club back in 2020. This year, Trisha and I both participated in the open calls I mentioned above. We did an inktober contest. We also did the blackboard design for the office anniversary and the halloween decor. Will blog about this soon. The club will finally become legit and have some funding this 2023. Hopefully. I planned some events for this year as well.

I participated in two fundraisers this year. One was for Ruth’s father and another one for my officemate. There were also instances that I became Hannah’s assistant on her mural projects. I’m pretty happy that I got to help some people this year.

Non-art related, I got to play more games this year – mainly the Pokemon franchise. We bought the 9th generation games Scarlet and Violet. Since I also won some money from our office raffle, I also bought Pokemon Legends Arceus. Ah, I also won the raffle from our department party lol. It was a lucky year.

There were some splurges this year, because I think I deserve to be happy. A new phone, clothes, VIP tickets to the Bini concert, pre-order of the Alamat album, art materials, to name a few.

It really was an eventful year.

Even if I’m alone” was what I was really thinking back then. I’ve experienced so many people who came and left the art community. But I think this year, I’m happy that there are still people who were with me on this adventure. Inggo was there on most of the events. Art tambays with close friends are still a thing. The USK events I always had Inggo and a friend with me. The only time that I was alone was at PGW events, but I didn’t really mind because I made new friends and the community there is so welcoming.

What about 2023? I hope to continue what I started last 2022. More learning, more experiences, more events. We’re planning on moving. After that, I’m planning on opening an online store. Let’s, again, hope it will come true.