StickerCon 2020 Haul

It’s time for the haul post! I had a bit of time to explore the venue since we took turns manning our booth. 

Loot from our table: Sawsawan sticker sheet by MNQ Illustration, Skyscapes by TingeofShine, Herbs set by seamountainco, and Pomeranian stickers by Hmb_urger. ♥

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Can I just say that uploading photos in WordPress is a bit of a bitch right now? Whenever I publish a post, the image captions get jumbled up and when I try to edit them, the text separates from the image caption setting. Ugh. 

Calligraphy sticker sheet and Planner stickers by claircolors, But first coffee by MNQ Illustration, and Fashionable girls by HMB_urger.

Caution and Tita sticker from ella_lama, The artist sticker from louisermos

Sunflower strip, white flowers by alfajone, Penguin by Studio Dondon, Cat from meowproject, Proud Plant parent, moon, and rose by Kara Leonardia, Goodbye money by _katepaints

Hannah and I bought cat stickers as pasalubong for Aira lol. 

Anddd I think that’s all of my haul! ♥

Feb Komiket 2020 Haul

With every convention, there is always a haul post! February Komiket is no exception. With over 800 artists, it will take a while to browse the whole area. But I think its worth it since you’ll get to discover new artists to love. And with that, below is my humble haul during my 2 days of Komiket. ♥

Mini art print and bookmark from Astro Jimbo. | Dog drink from nicholecruz | Circle sticker from Velbe. I didn’t get the artist name for the Cup noodles. 🙁

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Pretty floral stickers from Sarah Cordial Designs

Mini art print from seamountainco

Cutie leche flan pin from Larojo Art (She’s my former officemate’s sister!) | Cat pin from The Offbeat Cat| Penguin pin from Studio Dondon

Sunflower sticker sheet from Sherilyndraws (small world, she’s my officemate’s classmate back in college lol) | Isometric houses sticker sheet from chichilittle | Moon Phases from Tinge of Shine

Aqua sticker from Judy’s friend | Nezuko sticker from Judy-chan | Naughty Ending from Yours Dearly| Bitchin’ glitter sticker from Eira gem

Komiket 2019

A week after Papercon is the bi-annual Komiket held at the same venue Eton Centris Elements. Instead of only the Prosperity hall, this event booked the whole venue.

Komiket ticket. Art by Betsy Cola

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Preview of my haul.

Blood of the Shinobi by the OG himself, Pol Medina Jr.

Kwentong Tibo Vol. 1 & 2 by Landlee Mae.

Thank you for doodling me!

Finally got a copy of Trese book 7!

Was surprised that Hunghang Flashbacks has released Book 2! And also got a copy of the finally completed Sagala comic.

Flower sticker by Chichilittle. Manila Bloom and the Teacup sticker from the husband and wife team Kuro.Saku. Anti Depressants stickers by NicholeCruz. The Leafy cat sticker from TheOffbeatCat. Other cat stickers from MeowProject.

Girl print from Priichan. Sky stickers from PaperPirateShip. Mga Aralin sa Pagsulat and Penguin pin from Velbe.

Girl prints from Astro Jimbo art! I forgot the artist for the lotus huhu. Wala Na’kong Pera from AndyArtventure. Tamaki sticker by KannahKisaragi. Vintage stickers by Akim.63. Sunflower stickers by DollyKayeArt.

Star Wars pabili by an officemate.

Hannah and I went to Tweedle Book after to ingress some of our stickers. 😀

I bought this in Tweedle because why not HAHAHA.

Papercon Haul

Papercon was a blast! I got to meet more floral artists that day. Below is my humble haul from the event:

Hydrangea sticker from Chichi (@chichilittle) | Sombra sticker from Pixel Hero PH (@pixelheroph) | Roses and Sunflowers from Kara Leonida (@renka002)

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Skyscapes sticker by Shine (@tingeofshine) Kitty postcard from our booth neighbor (@meow_project)

Postcards and a bookmark from THE Cynthia Arre! ♥

Art prints from Arlene Sy. ♥

Postcards from Alyanna Nebreja (@alfajone) ♥

And that’s it! Yayy. ♥

Stickercon Haul

For this year’s Stickercon, I was the designated errand girl for our group. This means that I’m the one outside our table fixing our products, talking to potential customers, buying drinks/food for the group, and exchanging barya from our other friends HAHAHA. This also meant that I had more freedom to roam around to buy stuff from the rest of the 200 exhibitors.

Below is my humble haul from StickerconMNL2019. ♥

Coffee Lovers United, Hello I’m Busy, Powered by Pizza sticker and Pin, So many things so little cash by our friend Ella Lama | Watercolor set, Country tags, stamp by Marie Lama | Gold foil stickers by Paola Koala

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Top stickers by Renka | Go away I’m … by Ella Lama | Lettering stickers and free flower postcard by Clair colors | Rug by Hannah HAHAHA

Honestly this Shih Tzu sticker is the best buy for the day. ♥

Museum stickers by Louise | Pretty girl postcard and stickers by Bemzenit | Cat stickers by The Offbeat Cat

And that’s my haul! I could’ve bought more if I had the time. But table priorities first! ♥ I hope we could join the next Stickercon as well! ♥

Custom Ceramic Plates

One of my Christmas gifts to myself last year are these gorgeous custom ceramic plates by neshoi. She’s an artist friend who creates ceramic stuff like earrings and plates. I asked her if she could create custom shaped ceramic plates for me, and she took the challenge. I gave her my sketches and she created them from scratch/clay. I love them so much! ♥ 

Obviously my designs are flowers: a peony and an orchid. The peony’s purpose is for IG feed goals (that I haven’t used YET), while the orchid is for everyday use. ♥ I heard that a ceramic or porcelain palette is the best mixing surface for watercolor. And yes, I agree! The colors are vibrant, paints stay wet, mixing is a breeze, and apparently clean up is easy as well. 

Komikon 2018

Since I blogged about Komiket last year, I thought that not blogging about the Philippines’ biggest comics convention is unfair haha. Similar with Komiket, these photos were the ones that I used in my Instagram stories:

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I’m not sure if I’ve posted it before here on my blog. But another fact about me is that I LOVE collecting local comic books. I don’t know why. There’s something unique about our local comic scene. Maybe its the humor? So whenever I have some spare cash or if I really, really, like the art. I will support them by buying their books or by pre-ordering. 

Finally bought all of Toto Madayag’s books! He had a good deal due to the release for Book 3.


Apparently, you’re eligible to the raffle if you support a pre-order from one of the participating artists in Komikon. I won something HAHA.


Opismeyts pre-order! I love the humor of this artist.


A mini zine by Chocnut-san | New book from Hunghang Flashbacks | Tabi Po Book 3 FINALLY.

Komiket October 2018

Last month, I attended Komiket at Eton Centris with Hannah and her friend. It’s been a while since I’ve been an attendee instead of a seller. I was curious about the artist scene and wanted to check it out. It didn’t disappoint! There’s a ton of artists selling their original and fanart works in stickers, art prints, and comics. I also saw my friends selling there so I HAD to support them. ♥ So here is my Komiket 2018 haul taken from my IG Stories.

Ticket. ♥

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@chichilittle ! I bought a bunch of stickers from her. The Stay Weird one is actually a ref magnet hahaha.

Stickers from my friends: food stickers by @priichan, Donut Give Up and Coffee sticker by @c4m1sama ‘s art group, and @paola_koala ‘s stickers.

2B fanart by my friend Kat @kiyasuriin.

A custom drawing for Mental Health Awareness by my friend denden @illustratedbydenden.

Miriam and UP sibs stickers by my favorite artist – Mod A !

@sojubee. When I bought these cute Overwatch stickers from her I said “All supports except Zen please”. HAHA. Plus D.Va and Brigitte for Inggo, Sombra for me!

@prinsomnia_ ‘s beaufitul artworks! . I was his first follower on Instagram HAHA.

Hannah and I loved these stickers, especially the “Luh” one! We kept saying luh during our komiket adventure HAHAHA. I actually found the artist for these, it’s @landleemae!

I love @cmrnza ‘s background artworks!

@andyartventure. Been eyeing these stickers ever since I entered Komiket. I came back for them during my round 2 visit.

It was an inspiring and happy trip. Although my wallet that day was near empty, I’m happy that I got to support my friends, new artists, and the overall artist scene in the Philippines. I noticed that people are more supportive of the artist scene right now, I hope it stays that way! ♥

Singapore 2016


Inggo and I went on an adventure a few weeks ago. It wasn’t our first adventure together, but this trip still had many “firsts”. So let me list some: first overseas trip for me, first overseas trip together, first time to go to a 24 hours open mall, first time to eat a banana-looking and delicious tapioca Thai dessert, first time to go home solo.

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures because my digicam died and its charger is broken.  Eep. But I don’t mind. Live for the experience, right? So here are some photos that I took from my digicam (before it died) and my phone. Picture heavy post ahead!

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First thing to do when you arrive in Changi Airport: Get a tourist pass! We got the 3-day pass for $30 each ($10 rebatable). Worth it!

First agenda when you arrive in Changi Airport: Get a tourist pass! We got the 3-day pass for $30 each ($10 rebatable). Worth it!

We stayed at V Hotel Lavender. It was a good decision since its just beside the MRT.

We stayed at V Hotel Lavender. It was a good decision since its just beside the MRT.

chicken rice

Lunch at a Kopi Tiam/ Hawker center beside our hotel. Chicken rice is a must in Singapore. ($7.50 in this kopi tiam. Comes with soup and a veggie viand. Delicious!)


It was the weekend before Chinese New Year. So there were a lot of celebrations around the country. This one was at Bugis. I love that there’s only 1 red lantern in this shot.

We didn’t do the touristy route on this trip (a.k.a. Universal Studios / Sentosa / Night Safari).  We did have an itinerary though! It was: go to our preferred places (Bras Basah complex for me, Funan mall for him) and eat the recommended food. That’s it. I love having a lot of time for exploring. And I love that its the same for him. That’s why sulit na sulit ang Tourist Pass samin. We don’t stress over the itinerary and just go with the flow. We were supposed to get off at City Hall station but we were too tired from walking from Orchard road. So we just rested and went all the way up to Marina Bay station. HAHA.

nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng seafood at Kampong Glam Cafe, Arab street. Looks simple no? But it was full of flavor.


Late night snack at a random hawker center after exploring Little India. Didn’t like the noodles used here but I love that it had oyster bits.

Bras Basah complex. Will do a seperate post about it soon.

Bras Basah complex. Will do a separate post about it soon.

Funan Digitalife Mall. Near City Hall station. For all your computer needs.

Funan Digitalife Mall. Near City Hall station. For all your computer needs.

funan thai food

Thai for lunch at Funan. Green curry with chicken for him. Tom Yum Goong for me. It was so spicy + delicious! The surprising item was the dessert. I thought it was pineapple with milk so I didn’t touch mine. But he said it wasn’t so I took a bite. SO. DELICIOUS. I’m still craving for it! After further research, it’s cassava with coconut milk.

orchard road

We ended up exploring Orchard Road after Funan. For what reason? He wanted to eat at Ippudo.

ippudo food

I don’t remember the name of this. What I remember though is that this is $6 for 4 pieces of delicious meat and onions. HUHU.

drinks menu

Teh Tarik menu. Research the differences between “O”, “C”, “Susu”, etc. for your preferred drink. Teh is “tea”, Kopi is “coffee”. 🙂

iced mocha

Every drink I had in SG was delicious. ♥

heavenly wang

Last breakfast in SG. Kopi “O”, Kopi “C”, and Kaya toast. This was beside our hotel. We decided to eat here because of the name – “Heavenly Wang” HAHA. But the food is good. A bit expensive though.

Some tips we learned during our stay:

  1. Get the tourist pass card! It’s worth the money. Plus you won’t get stressed out when you miss your station/stop. Just ride again HAHA.
  2. Take the MRT and bus. I’m pretty sure you won’t get lost. SG is a commute friendly country. There are maps inside and outside the station (map for MRT, map of the vicinity) plus the bus schedules are also posted there. If not, you can still ask the MRT staff for help. Also, they have free maps everywhere! I grabbed 3 in Changi HAHAHA.
  3. Some stations are nearby each other. If you have a problem riding a lot of stations to change lines, just WALK. (Example: to get to Bras Basah from Lavender. You have to ride the green line to City Hall, change to red line to Dhoby Ghaut, then to Bras Basah.)
  4. Wear comfortable clothes. It’s a hot country, yea?
  5. Get a sim card. We got one in Changi. It was $15 for 5 days with data. Very useful in case you need to google bus schedules, store locations, operating hours, etc.
  6. In our opinion, don’t bother going to the malls and restaurants. They’re expensive! Just go to hawker centers / kopi tiam for food. As for shopping. Souvenirs (keychain/bag): cheapest at Bugis street. Perfume/chocolates: Mustafa centre. Art materials: BRAS BASAH COMPLEX. Computer stuff: Eh, they have the latest stuff here but prices are comparable with Philippines. As for clothes: Bugis is the “cheapest”. But “cheap” in SG is $10-$20 = 340php-680php.
  7. Take advantage of the GST refund. Read more about it here.

Sigh. Thank you to Inggo for bringing me to SG! I had so much fun. Especially since its with you. ♥ (CHOS AHAHA). That’s all for now. Art hoard post coming soon!