Portraits (July 2016)

I’m back to doing portraits! The “to do” list is still long but at least there’s progress. It’s a weird yet fuzzy feeling that there are people who requested an artwork from me. So here are the ones I did this July. Apparently, July is also the #WorldWaterColorMonth.

2016 07 Portraits 1

Office mates.

2016 07 Portraits 2

Gifts for the Senior Architects.

2016 07 Portraits 3

Left: My online game friend requested a portrait / Right: Birthday gift for an office mate.

2016 07 Portraits 4

VERY late birthday gifts for my friends. β™₯

2016 07 Portraits 5

VERY late birthday gifts for my friends β™₯.

My portraits are not 100% the same with the reference photos, but I feel like I’m improving a bit. As usual, progress and continuity are important to me. Whenever I browse my blog, I feel this sense of accomplishment like “Hey, I did something for this month! I’m productive! I didn’t just laze around & played video games all weekend!”. Haha.

Here’s to more art in the future.


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