Road to Stickercon MNL 2022

July-September 2022

For the fourth time, our group January Makers PH was accepted into Stickercon MNL. I had plenty of time to prepare – around 2 to 3 months, to design, print, and cut my stickers. With almost 3 years worth of art, I had plenty of existing artworks that I could choose from. But I also wanted new sticker sheets. The plan – select the artworks that I want as a sticker, layout, send to printers. I made individual, sticker sheets, and finally, washi tapes for this event. I also got some old stock of my old stickers.

I had the individual stickers printed at Dexact, my usual supplier. I received the package early September, and after that I had to hand cut most of it. I was also required to work in the office for 1 week straight due to training, so I brought my stickers with me so whenever we had a break time, I would cut my stickers.

I also took photos in our office for the sticker sheets. It was a LOT so please check our my instagram page instead HAHA. Pretty proud of the layout I did below! My resin rose ring fits perfectly:

I then had my sticker sheets printed by my former officemate. She now has her own printing business named DC Designs & Prints. All of my sticker sheets are in glitter laminate. You could see some of the artworks I did on my previous blog entries.

Above: My berries sheet were inspired by the amount of berry desserts I had over the years. The oldest works were the blueberry panna cotta in the middle, and strawberry cakes on the lower left and right side of the sheet. My desserts sheet is a collection of popular stickers (taho, banana con hielo, mango parfait) combined with new ones. I’m pretty proud of this one!

Below: My drinks sheet were mostly 2020 works during the height of ECQ. These were mostly my cravings at the time. I add leaves because why not?!

Above: While creating the sticker sheets, I had this idea that I should make a poppy & anemone sticker sheet as well. I had a big collection of artworks of these flowers. The white anemone is the oldest artwork there which dates back to my first sticker sheet (when cut-it-yourself sticker sheets were popular, so around 2017!).

Below: My 2020 gold orchid sheet. I was supposed to make a colored orchid sticker sheet, but it felt redundant since I already made a washi tape with my orchid artworks. So I chose my gold orchid instead. This was the main reason I had my stickers laminated in glitter. So it would look fabulous lol.

I also sold my stickers at a pre-convention price in my personal account for those who cannot attend Stickercon 2022. The new venue was in Whitespace Manila, somewhere along Magallanes, so most of my friends cannot come. Thankful to my friends who supported my sticker business. I had to re-print my sticker sheets because I almost ran out of stock! β™₯ Next post will be my current sticker catalogue, because why not?!