Sticker Catalogue 2022

Flexing my hard work here! I’m pretty proud of my new stickers!

Above: My circle stickers. Hand cut around 400+ pieces. There used to be 7 designs, I removed 1 because I wasn’t happy with it anymore. But I’m really happy with the newer ones!

Below: My rectangle stickers. They weren’t as popular as the other ones. But I’m pretty satisfied with them as well. Thinking that these would go well with paper frames for journaling?

Above: The solo stickers that are hand cut. 5 of them are in glossy laminate while the rest are in pearl laminate. I’m pretty happy with this collection as well! Its a mix of early works and newer ones.

Below: My sticker sheets! One of my best sellers during StickerCon. I want to make more in the future.

And finally, my washi tapes! I wanted an orchid one and a seafood one. One design is what I’m known for, and one design is “because I want to”. You gotta have a balance of both in order to be happy. â™Ĩ

And that’s it! Next up is my StickerCon 2022 post.