Strathmore Watercolor Pad

While writing about the previous post, I realized that it had wayyyy too many images. I decided to do a separate one for the artworks I made in this watercolor pad. I bought the small strathmore watercolor pad during the PGW Art Tambay at Art Whale and I’ve been bringing it around whenever there’s an art tambay or an urban sketch event this year. The works in this post however were practice paintings at home, getting to know the paper, etc:

I really liked the dark backgrounds I made for these paintings. It made the main flower the focal point of the piece. I made the lotus painting below during an art tambay with Hannah and Aira:

Above: Just a compilation of botanical style artworks in this pad. The orchid was from an art tambay with Hannah, anemone was a practice piece at home, and the slipper orchid was the second painting for the same art tambay with Hannah. Below: Another lotus. Wasn’t happy with how it looked so it gave me an excuse to experiment with: using ultramarine blue as a background color + metallic paints. I had fun though!

Here’s to hoping that I use this watercolor pad more for 2024! ♥