The first ECQ and painting my cravings

Browsing through my photos made me realize that even though I’ve been working from home since last year, I’ve done a lot of things that are still worthy to blog about. Or maybe I’m just in the mood to write? I’m currently sorting and editing through 2020, hopefully I could get a lot done before 2021 ends. (And then 2021 posts on 2022? HAHA) ♥

First thing that I should write about is the first ECQ. (What number are we in right now anyway!?) Everyone was required to stay home except for our front liners. Most restaurants closed down at that time. Delivery was the booming back then. I painted my cravings away during those days:

Chirashi don!

There was a time that coffee shops were closed! I had to survive on instant coffee for a while. I used my Canson XL watercolor paper for these. I love the effects it made on very wet on wet style. Look at the iced americano!

Some coffee that I miss: latte, americano, caramel macchiato (starbucks style)

When coffee shops were closed. People were desperate and made dalgona coffee using instant coffee

And then I just painted more drinks because I discovered that I love the effects on my watercolor paper. Some matcha latte art!

Berry tea and Blue butterfly pea tea. Have you tried the blue butterfly pea tea? My friends said it was good!

April was my birth month, so I had an excuse to order food:

Salmon sashimi bilao from Alexsea Delicatessen

Pasta and Pizza from Friuli Trattoria

Yes, I ordered two bilaos HAHAHA.

We ordered these on another day because it was a good deal for the amount of food! This is from Kimchi Kingdom.

Writing this post made me crave for sashimi again. Ugh! Until next time! ♥

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