The long weekend

Hi. Sorry for not updating these past two weeks. I’ve been busy with life lately. HAHA. We went to Manila FAME last week, but unfortunately photos are not allowed inside so I don’t have anything to blog about there. But it is a must attend event if you are interested in Philippine designs of furniture, home decors, and fashion. Support local!

It’s going to be a long weekend now because of All Saints’ Day here in the Philippines. Hopefully I’ll get to edit photos for this blog. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll create some new art over the weekend. ♥ I also bought the The ABCs of Journaling & the Daily Journal from Abbey Sy. The small things that I’ve collected from way, waaaaaay back will now have a purpose. I’m excited to start my journal! (More content for this blog too!)

Speaking of which, the Instagram widget is finally fixed! Hooray!

Hopeful for a productive long weekend. Wish me luck! ♥

Watercolor Ramblings

I am envious of the watercolor collection of my watercolorist peers. I only have my trusty Prang & the occasional Reeves pan set with me. Oh, but how I want, and I mean really, REALLY want my own Windsor & Newton 45 pan set. I’ve been dreaming of this set for years, but I never had the money to buy it. Then, my watercolor brand knowledge became wider when I joined local art groups. Now, I also want to try the Gansai Tambi for florals, White Nights, Mijello, and lots of Daniel Smith colors!


What an expensive hobby. But you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It makes me happy, and that’s the only thing that matters. ♥

Life, lately.

I was supposed to blog today but I can’t transfer my phone photos to my laptop. Sigh. And it’s already past midnight so… I’ll try to fix it later after work, hopefully. Speaking of work, this was my desk last week:

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The interior designer life. 😂 #kalat

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I’ve been making efforts on drawing again. That’s a good thing, right? Keeping up the momentum for myself. Though it would be nice if I could spend a whole day painting..

Davao 2016

We celebrated our 8th Anniversary in Davao! So happy that I got to travel again with him for the 3rd time this year. ♥ Again, the main reason for our travels is for the food. My cousin’s family kept on mentioning that Davao has the best seafood. Is it really? Image heavy post ahead!

2016 05 philippine eagle

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2016 05 airport

Breakfast at NAIA 3. I think this is a new food court. Glad that they’re improving the facilities bit by bit.

2016 05 davao airport

2016 05 hukad

Lunch at Hukad, SM Lanang. Love the pendant light! I think its inspired from Puso rice?

2016 05 hukad scallop

Guess how much this is? Baked scallops for 150php!

2016 05 hukad dessert

The waiter suggested this dessert to us. Delicious!

That night, we decided to eat at my cousin’s family’s highly recommended place: Ahfat. After googling its location, we discovered that Ahfat 1, 2 and 3 are located at the same complex HAHAHA. We ate at Ahfat 2. Here are some of the stuff that we ordered:

2016 05 ahfat hotpot

Seafood hotpot for 250php! SO CHEAP. Filled with sea cucumber and various seafood. ♥

2016 05 ahfat dragon roll

Inggo ordered this Bacon roll out of curiosity. Surprisingly good!

2016 05 ahfat lobster

Slipper lobster!

We attempted to visit the Aldevinco Pasalubong Center after. Sadly, it closes at 8pm. But we discovered that there’s a night market nearby. The Roxas Night Market is just a few blocks away from the pasalubong center. There are ukay ukay, bags, and food stalls. Got to try genuine gelato for only 35php for 2 scoops! I didn’t get a clear picture but it was so good!

2016 05 roxas market buchi

Freshly cooked buchi for 3pcs / 30php! They had choco, ube, and monggo filling. We both loved this ♥.

2016 05 roxas market drink

Buko and Avocado shake priced at 50php.

2016 05 danny ice cream

We went to the night market twice. This is the famed Mang Danny’s durian ice cream. 6 scoops for 30php I think? We braved the long line for this.

A discovery like this is what makes wandering so much fun. Traveling without any expectations is better than being disappointed. I’m glad that it’s the same for him. ♥ We went back to the hotel after that to rest. What they say about the taxi drivers are also true. They’re all honest and actually grateful when you let them keep the change. Kudos also to the help desk of Red Planet for answering my questions in their app.

For our second day, we went up to the mountains to visit Malagos Garden Resort and the Philippine Eagle Center. With the help of google and the Red Planet staff, we opted to commute rather than ride the taxi. Saved us a lot of money!

2016 05 malagos koi cafe

Lunch at Malagos Garden Resort. They were renovating so we got 50% off their entrance fee. Lucky!

2016 05 malagos tuna sashimi

Tuna sashimi for 150php.

2016 05 malagos hot chocolate

Why did we go here? I heard that this place won awards internationally for their chocolate. This one is their hot chocolate. A bit bitter, and fruity.

2016 05 malagos stable

We found this funny.

2016 05 malagos birds 2

There’s a bird sanctuary inside the resort. You could feed the love birds! ♥

2016 05 malagos birds 1

2016 05 malagos birds 3

I find birds funny looking. Look at the lower right bird! Parang ready mang-aaway HAHAHA.

We then went to Philippine Eagle Center after. It’s located inside the Davao City Water District. Entrance fee for the Water District is 5php, while for the PEC is 150php. Worth it since you’re contributing to the conservation of our national bird.

2016 05 philippine eagle

2016 05 pec owl

2016 05 pec eagle

2016 05 pec eagle 2

2016 05 pec

After PEC, we took a habal habal back to Calinan and rode a van that will take us back to Davao City. We decided to try out the Crab Buffet somewhere in Roxas street.

2016 05 crab buffet


2016 05 crab buffet aftermath


2016 05 blugre

Blugre coffee the next day. They’re famous for their durian coffee.

2016 05 malagos chocolate

What I bought for myself from the Malagos farm. Chocolate tablea for hot chocolate cravings!

Airline – My aunt taught me that its cheaper to buy airline tickets months before your flight. If there’s a seat sale, grab it since its a good deal already. So for the tickets, we got it for 50% off during a seat sale of one of the airlines here in the Philippines.

Hotel – As for the hotel, well, we booked one a month before our trip HAHA. There are a lot of choices of hotels in Davao with a reasonable price. We chose Red Planet as our hotel. Good price, comfortable room with the basics (bed, hot/cold shower, AC). We found the app pretty useful too.

How to commute to Malagos Garden Resort & Philippine Eagle Center:

  1. Take a cab/jeep to Bangkerohan. (Taxi can take you straight to Malagos, need to negotiate though).
  2. Ride a van to Calinan for 40php. (Travel time around 30-45mins)
  3. Take a tricycle to Malagos for 10php / Habal habal for 20php.

Looking forward to our next adventure! ♥


Twenty six.

I just turned another year older as of writing. ♥ And I won’t go to work later for the reason that I just want to be happy on my birthday. (Sigh!) Here’s an artwork that I did for a watercolor group. Quickly doodled on my Monologue soft sketch book. They’re a cheaper alternative to Moleskine, around 300-350php. (edit: I found out that they’re around 470php now! Grr!) A lot of PH artists recommend this notebook, so I bought one out of curiosity (and when I finally found a store that has stock). After using it for a couple of artworks, I love it! I want to hoard more. ♥

2016 04 about me

Time & Instagram

Have you read this quote from other bloggers before? “I’m sorry I’m too busy to blog, but please follow me on my instagram, I update more often there!“. As for me, I can’t even give that as a reason HAHAHA. I feel guilty for not posting as much as I want to here. But no, I’m still not giving up! I just need time to draw. Life is too busy due to overtime at work almost everyday, sigh. But that is not a reason to stop and try to do a little art everyday, no?

Back in the early days of my IG account, I posted my lineart drawings. Mostly anime-ish, pencil / pen line art and sometimes rendered with markers. You know, quick sketches that you could do easily every night. I read somewhere it’s better to keep continuously making art so you won’t lose your momentum.  I should do that again sometime. As for now… let me reminisce.

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Late night doodle 🙂

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Well. I stopped because I noticed that I was drawing the same girl with bangs facing front, hahaha. But it’s better than nothing, no? Again. I promise that I’ll make more time for art. So I could post it online and document my progress.


Singapore 2016


Inggo and I went on an adventure a few weeks ago. It wasn’t our first adventure together, but this trip still had many “firsts”. So let me list some: first overseas trip for me, first overseas trip together, first time to go to a 24 hours open mall, first time to eat a banana-looking and delicious tapioca Thai dessert, first time to go home solo.

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures because my digicam died and its charger is broken.  Eep. But I don’t mind. Live for the experience, right? So here are some photos that I took from my digicam (before it died) and my phone. Picture heavy post ahead!

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First thing to do when you arrive in Changi Airport: Get a tourist pass! We got the 3-day pass for $30 each ($10 rebatable). Worth it!

First agenda when you arrive in Changi Airport: Get a tourist pass! We got the 3-day pass for $30 each ($10 rebatable). Worth it!

We stayed at V Hotel Lavender. It was a good decision since its just beside the MRT.

We stayed at V Hotel Lavender. It was a good decision since its just beside the MRT.

chicken rice

Lunch at a Kopi Tiam/ Hawker center beside our hotel. Chicken rice is a must in Singapore. ($7.50 in this kopi tiam. Comes with soup and a veggie viand. Delicious!)


It was the weekend before Chinese New Year. So there were a lot of celebrations around the country. This one was at Bugis. I love that there’s only 1 red lantern in this shot.

We didn’t do the touristy route on this trip (a.k.a. Universal Studios / Sentosa / Night Safari).  We did have an itinerary though! It was: go to our preferred places (Bras Basah complex for me, Funan mall for him) and eat the recommended food. That’s it. I love having a lot of time for exploring. And I love that its the same for him. That’s why sulit na sulit ang Tourist Pass samin. We don’t stress over the itinerary and just go with the flow. We were supposed to get off at City Hall station but we were too tired from walking from Orchard road. So we just rested and went all the way up to Marina Bay station. HAHA.

nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng seafood at Kampong Glam Cafe, Arab street. Looks simple no? But it was full of flavor.


Late night snack at a random hawker center after exploring Little India. Didn’t like the noodles used here but I love that it had oyster bits.

Bras Basah complex. Will do a seperate post about it soon.

Bras Basah complex. Will do a separate post about it soon.

Funan Digitalife Mall. Near City Hall station. For all your computer needs.

Funan Digitalife Mall. Near City Hall station. For all your computer needs.

funan thai food

Thai for lunch at Funan. Green curry with chicken for him. Tom Yum Goong for me. It was so spicy + delicious! The surprising item was the dessert. I thought it was pineapple with milk so I didn’t touch mine. But he said it wasn’t so I took a bite. SO. DELICIOUS. I’m still craving for it! After further research, it’s cassava with coconut milk.

orchard road

We ended up exploring Orchard Road after Funan. For what reason? He wanted to eat at Ippudo.

ippudo food

I don’t remember the name of this. What I remember though is that this is $6 for 4 pieces of delicious meat and onions. HUHU.

drinks menu

Teh Tarik menu. Research the differences between “O”, “C”, “Susu”, etc. for your preferred drink. Teh is “tea”, Kopi is “coffee”. 🙂

iced mocha

Every drink I had in SG was delicious. ♥

heavenly wang

Last breakfast in SG. Kopi “O”, Kopi “C”, and Kaya toast. This was beside our hotel. We decided to eat here because of the name – “Heavenly Wang” HAHA. But the food is good. A bit expensive though.

Some tips we learned during our stay:

  1. Get the tourist pass card! It’s worth the money. Plus you won’t get stressed out when you miss your station/stop. Just ride again HAHA.
  2. Take the MRT and bus. I’m pretty sure you won’t get lost. SG is a commute friendly country. There are maps inside and outside the station (map for MRT, map of the vicinity) plus the bus schedules are also posted there. If not, you can still ask the MRT staff for help. Also, they have free maps everywhere! I grabbed 3 in Changi HAHAHA.
  3. Some stations are nearby each other. If you have a problem riding a lot of stations to change lines, just WALK. (Example: to get to Bras Basah from Lavender. You have to ride the green line to City Hall, change to red line to Dhoby Ghaut, then to Bras Basah.)
  4. Wear comfortable clothes. It’s a hot country, yea?
  5. Get a sim card. We got one in Changi. It was $15 for 5 days with data. Very useful in case you need to google bus schedules, store locations, operating hours, etc.
  6. In our opinion, don’t bother going to the malls and restaurants. They’re expensive! Just go to hawker centers / kopi tiam for food. As for shopping. Souvenirs (keychain/bag): cheapest at Bugis street. Perfume/chocolates: Mustafa centre. Art materials: BRAS BASAH COMPLEX. Computer stuff: Eh, they have the latest stuff here but prices are comparable with Philippines. As for clothes: Bugis is the “cheapest”. But “cheap” in SG is $10-$20 = 340php-680php.
  7. Take advantage of the GST refund. Read more about it here.

Sigh. Thank you to Inggo for bringing me to SG! I had so much fun. Especially since its with you. ♥ (CHOS AHAHA). That’s all for now. Art hoard post coming soon!

Before I sleep

Just want to say “Hi, I’m still alive”. HAHA. No, I’m not giving up on this blog yet. I just want to finalize the design / layout of my blog before I could finally post something. Since I only do layouts in the construction & design industry and not online, my fiance will be coding my theme for me. ♥ It’s a win-win situation – I’ll be guilty if I don’t blog since he did make an effort. Imagine a web developer trying to understand an interior designer on her specs! HAHAHA.

Anyway, we’re going on an adventure 1 day from now. Excited and scared at the same time. Eep.