Small steps

When you thought January’s finally over with all the craziness of 2020, the Covid19 finally reached our country.

There’s more personal posts recently here. Here’s my summary of January to Feb:

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First art work post of the year and it's already February. This was done last month but I wasn't in the right mindset to post or talk about it. Well, we all know what happened last January.It already felt like 2020 has gone by even though its was just the start of the year. . It wasn't kind to me either. With 2 cons simultaneously asking for requirements and personal matters bringing negative thoughts to myself, I just stopped. Rested. But I still felt so tired. There are still bad days where I think of my decisions if its right or wrong. There's no perfect solution to this personal problem. So I decided after years of thought that, hey, whatever will make me happy. So far, so good. . . #suffnirain #watercolor #watercolorph #artph #mijello #mijellomissiongold

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March is okay, I guess? We’ll get through this. Our office computers were shipped to our respective homes and they announced a mandatory 100% work from home for us days before the quarantine. Which is a good thing, right?

I just..don’t have the drive to blog. I know I have tons of pending posts. I know I still have responsibilities… just, let me rest some more. 

Small, easy steps for now. Since I bought my own scanner days before Stickercon, I now have a reason to scan new works and upload them to my POD websites. At least they’re doing well.

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