June paintings

The month of June is about my Hue&Ai No Paint No Gain watercolor pad. This is a small pad that is perfect for quick paintings, perfect for practice. The artworks are in chronological order – so let’s start: wax flower practice (photo reference from my officemate), a pink rose with a watercolor base and color pencil details, and a white poppy. I used a masking fluid on the yellow things of the white poppy. It was my first time using masking fluid, and I’m glad that I got to experience it. 

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The next two set of paintings were peonies, loosely painted and detailed with color pencils. I guess this is my color pencil phase? Check out the difference between the photo (left) and scanned (right). I love how vibrant the post-processed artwork looks.

This was also the phase where I thought I should try to paint fruits. So I did! Most of these were done while watching Haikyuu!! anime. Since the manga was finally finished, I started and completed reading this series. One of the best sports manga out there, you should go and read it! Its about (male) volleyball and friendship. Wholesome and action packed!

And that’s it for June! I had a lot of confidence creating these works because the pad is smaller to what I’m used to. It also made me feel like I had the excuse to experiment and try out new things, which is what I’ll be blogging about next!

Coffee Project revisit

A few weeks ago, I revisited a cafe that I used to go to when I was still working near the area. I was surprised that they’ve expanded their interiors! And it’s still so pretty huhuhu. This is Coffee Project at Wil Tower.

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They are known for their garden-inspired interiors. With faux flowers everywhere, wood furniture, bicycles, and metal accents. I’ve said before that this is a good place for an art tambay, and I still agree with that statement! The weird thing is that I haven’t done that YET with my friends, why?! Just look at the photos:

Their tables. ♥

Full of garden-style decor!

Decor beside me. ♥

Hi Zinah. ♥ HAHAHA.

I had a funny story that day. While I was talking those interior shots, there were 2 ladies who kept looking at me. Thinking that maybe they thought I was a weirdo for taking pictures, I paid them no heed. After a while, the girl in blue (pictured above) approached me and asked:

“Hi ikaw ba si Paulina?”

It was my batch mate from college. HAHA. So I moved my things to her table to catch up on each other’s lives. Apparently she was one of the designers for Coffee Project!

Those are my stuff. Sorry for the mess HAHA.

And after 2 months, I finally bought my own hue&ai #NoPaintNoGain watercolor pad! My friends recommended this pad to me thinking that it would suit my painting style. I got this at Common Room Katipunan for 170php.

Pretty decor! ♥

Of course I tested mine when I got home. I always turn to sunflowers or peonies when testing paper. The reason for this is that I’m so used to painting sunflowers that it became my painting style: a mixture of wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry. For the peonies, I could test my very wet-on-wet painting style so I could see the bloom effects.  I’m liking it so far!

My paints of course are seamountainco. ♥

Messy peony bloom. ♥

Now the reason that I revisited this place is because I asked Hannah to meet up with me here. I met up with Dandi of Agueda Manila at Gateway because I ordered two boxes of her brigadeiros – one for me & one for a client. I got the mini box of 15pcs briggies in custom flavors (matcha, barako, and cacao) for me, while the other box contains their best sellers. I offered Hannah and Zinah to taste my personal box haha. They loved the matcha one!

Whenever there’s a Just Add Water event, we always buy from her lol. (JAW2 / JAWInk).

What’s left of my box LOL.

We went home a few hours later after talking all night. We really should plan an art tambay for this place. Anyone up for that?!